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The Constructo Bomb is a constructo weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in A Crack in Time. It is a customizable glove that throws grenades at enemies. Its trigger, payload, and an additional upgrade can be customized by the user to affect its performance, while its paint job can also be customized.

The Constructo Bomb is first available for purchase in Zolar Forest on Planet Quantos for 1,000 bolts. It can be upgraded to the Mega Constructo Bomb with use. In challenge mode, the Omega Constructo Bomb upgrade can be purchased for 104,000 bolts.

Constructo mods

Constructo mod Available at In-game description
Contact Trigger Default Constructo's standard explode-on-contact incendiary trigger.
Proximity Trigger Terachnos, Axiom City This incendiary modification adds a motion sensor that triggers when an enemy wanders within its range.
Timed Trigger Vela Sigma This incendiary modification adds a three-second delay to each bomb, allowing for a further bounce and increased retreat time.
Explosive Payload Default This reliable, all-purpose incendiary kit was designed to maximize battlefield effectiveness with an omni-directional payload.
Shockwave Payload Korthos Sigma This incendiary modification utilizes a terra-shock pulse emitter, creating sonic shockwaves with each detonation!
Skyburst Payload Terachnos, Axiom City Destroy airborne enemies with this modification's vertical blast emitter, which focuses the bomb's power directly into the sky!
Toxic Upgrade Bernilius Tau This modification boasts a vial of concentrated grunthor saliva, a poisonous and corrosive toxin deadly to any creature in the known universe.
Shrapnel Upgrade Agorian Battleplex, Return To Sender Each bomb comes packed with shards of razor-sharp trillium shrapnel, decreasing your opponents' chances of ever chewing solid food again!
Barrage Upgrade Corvus Tau This modification turns each bomb into a cluster of destructive mini-bombs, each designed to ricochet off any surface.


Constructo Bomb artwork

A basic model Constructo Bomb

The Constructo Bomb is a metallic glove which holds the bomb on its palm. Its appearance will change depending on which components of the Constructo Bomb are equipped as it is used.


The Constructo Bomb is a versatile weapon that can be useful against various sorts of enemies, depending on how the player chooses to customize it. Its trigger, payload and additional upgrade can each be customized.

The basic Contact Trigger causes the bombs to explode on contact, and adds no major effect to the weapon. The Proximity Trigger causes the bombs to only explode when an enemy wanders within its range, allowing it to work as a mine. The Timed Trigger adds a three-second delay to each bomb after landing before it explodes, allowing for a further bounce. Both the Proximity and Timed Trigger fundamentally change the purpose of the weapon strategically, but there is no major disadvantage to leaving the basic Contact Trigger equipped.

The Explosive Payload is causes the bombs to deliver a basic explosion on detonation. The Shockwave Payload generates sonic shockwaves with each explosion, maximising its radius over raw power. The Skyburst Payload allows the bombs to explode vertically, allowing them to easily target airborne units. The Skyburst Payload is a situational mod that can be very effective against enemies in the sky, but the player should equip the other mods when fighting most enemies.

The Toxic Upgrade adds a damage over time toxin to the bomb after it explodes. Due to its blast radius, it can apply the effect to multiple enemies and deal decent damage. The Shrapnel Upgrade causes the bombs to hit nearby enemies with shrapnel shards, increasing its area of effect to damage more enemies. The Barrage Upgrade causes the bomb to deploy a cluster of minibombs which can ricochet around and either damage more opponents, or hit the same larger opponent more than once. Each of these upgrades provides completely different effects, and it is down to player preference as to which they should equip. The direction of each of these additional effects is determined by the bomb's payload.

Before the scene

If the player wears a skin while having the Constructo Bomb equipped, it only shows the bomb but not the glove.