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Conquest is a multiplayer mode in Ratchet:Deadlocked. It is similar to Siege from Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal and Iron Lombax in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. In Conquest mode, you win by earning bolts. Bolts are earned by killing enemies and capturing nodes. To capture a node, you can do it via the Bolt crank or the Hacker Orbs. With Hacker Orbs on, you have to use the Hacker Ray in order to capture nodes. When a node is captured, vehicles, upgrades, and spawn-points are availabe for your team. You can get more powerful upgrades by capturing more nodes. After capturing nodes, you can press the diagnol buttons to vote on what upgrade you want. Your vote time ranges from 5–15 seconds depending on what option the host chooses. The different upgrades you can choose from are numerous; a full list can be found at the bottom of this page. Capturing nodes periodically adds to your bolt total. The number of bolts needed to win the game are also optional from 10-500. You can also play this mode with special rules such as Lockdown and Home Nodes. With Lockdown on, the team who captures the most nodes (4) wins. In Home Nodes, there are two main nodes that both need to be captured in order to win. One node is for the red team while the other one is for the blue team. Both nodes are in the main, middle, top, or first spawning point on a map. Players on both teams will have to destroy all of the node defenses and use the Hacker Ray to acquire the Hacker Orbs. The home nodes have all of the upgrades at the start of the game which makes it very difficult for one player alone to capture it.

1st Upgrade (1 captured Node)

Left: Extra Turrets - Adds two additional turrets to the node, bringing the total to 4 turrets.

Right: Power Turrets - Turrets are double barreled, amplifying their damage and doubling the shots fired.

2nd Upgrade (2 Captured Nodes)

Up: Teleport Network - Allows players of the same color node to teleport between any node controlled by their team.

Left: Capture Resistance - Takes longer for opponents to capture a node through hacking/turning the bolt crank (The increase is roughly 2/3rd's longer).

Down: Force Fields - Places four rectangular force fields around each node.*Each field covers the front of a turret (or turret space). The fields can be walked through, but block all projectile weapon shots from the enemy team.

  • The force fields do not cover the entire area around the node.

Right: Vehicle Pads - Activates vehicle pads at nodes, allowing vehicles (if any) to spawn.

3rd Upgrade (5 Captured Nodes)

Up: Ammo Pads - Activates ammo refill pads at nodes. Unavailable if Unlimited Ammo is turned on.

Left: Player Turrets - Supplies a player-controlled turret to every node.

Down: Health Pads - Activates a health pad that refills your Nanotech.

Right: Missile Turrets - Upgrades the node's turrets*to missile turrets that fire powerful missiles.

  • If a node has 4 turrets, only 2 will become missile turrets.


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