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Confront robot lieutenant is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. At the end of the mission "Ride the Robot Train", Ratchet and Clank managed to find an infobot, with a recorded conversation between Alonzo Drek and his Robot Lieutenant on planet Eudora. Ratchet suggested they take him out themselves, whereas Clank suggested they try and "persuade" him to tell them where Drek is. Neither occurred, as when they found the lieutenant, he was scared away by Ratchet, promptly dropping an infobot with co-ordinates to the Blarg Tactical Research Station.


This mission requires both the Trespasser and Swingshot gadgets and is available immediately upon landing on Eudora. Simply turn left and look for a small yellow structure with a locked door and an Invinco-Lock, which opens the door upon being solved. Head through and you will enter into an apparently bottomless canyon, therefore you should beware of your surroundings. Jump down a nearby platform and use your OmniWrench 8000 to activate a bolt crank, which activates a series of versa-targets. Use these to reach the next plateau and another bolt crank, which upon activating will cause a series of hydraulic flying platforms to rise up in the canyon.

Make careful use of the Heli-Pack's stretch jump to move from platform to platform until you reach another bolt crank, which activates more versa-targets. Use these to reach another structure, in which you can find the Robot Lieutenant and a shortcut back to the landing area.

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