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The Commando is a character in Ratchet & Clank, with a cameo in Up Your Arsenal. He is a soldier in the army on planet Batalia, and was the only one in his battalion to not go AWOL during the blarg invasion of Fort Krontos, where he was stationed when the planet was attacked by Chairman Drek's blarg destroyers, which bombed from the skies.


When Chairman Drek bombed Batalia, the Commando led a battalion to retake Fort Krontos and man the turret to destroy the bombers, though the ships pinned down their position from the air, and his entire team went AWOL.[1]

Ratchet and Clank meeting the Commando.

The Commando sent out an SOS message, which Ratchet and Clank viewed on an infobot on Umbris. Ratchet was reluctant to travel to Batalia to help the Commando, with Clank refusing to start the ship unless he agreed. The Commando then met the two upon their arrival, and assigned them the mission "Meet the Commando at city", requiring them to fight through the blarg forces to reach the fort. Upon reaching the Commando at the fort, Ratchet and Clank were unable to reach the fort as the bridge was shut out, and the only way across was via a ventilation shaft that only Magneboots could be used on. The Commando commended them on their performance thus far, granted an infobot with coordinates to Orxon, and assigned them the mission "Explore the walled city" to be completed once they had Magneboots, while he left to find his battalion.

The Commando later appeared watching the premiere for the Secret Agent Clank film.


The Commando is a blue man with a thick mustache who wears green military clothing, with a red badge. He is a hardened military veteran, and showed bravery by being the only soldier to not go AWOL.[1] The Commando treated Ratchet and Clank as soldiers. While he initially spoke down to them as if he was disciplining them, he later warmed up to them and showed respect after they successfully fought through to Fort Krontos' entrance.

Behind the scenes

Concept art for the original game

The Commando was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who also provided the voices of Chairman Drek and Qwark's bouncer in the game.

In the 2016 re-imagined release, the Commando does not appear, though his role is roughly filled by Cora Veralux, who appears in the mission on Batalia alongside Ratchet and Clank.