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Merc and Green.

Combat bots, also called battle bots, are robots used to assist Ratchet as part of Team Darkstar during their forced participation in DreadZone in Deadlocked. The two combat bots, Merc and Green, both belonged to a former contestant.[1] They were fixed up by Al and then used to support Ratchet, in lieu of Clank being stuck as the team's mission engineer. With the bolts made from completing battlecourses Ratchet was able to upgrade the bots' damage output and armor, as well as purchase new weapons and gadgets, alternate head designs, and color schemes.

The combat bots made use of a variety of weapons and upgrades developed by Go-Comet, a leader in the industry.[2] A variety of gadgets were also used, of which the Hacker Ray was developed by Vox Industries.[3] The combat bots had paintjobs provided DreadZone and derived from contestants or organizations in the Shadow Sector, with the exception of the "Assassin" design hand-painted by Al,[4] while modifications to their heads that deviated from the standard DreadZone design were provided by Al.[5]


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Combat bots are almost entirely autonomous, their general AI dictating they stick close to Ratchet and shoot anything hostile. They are relatively accurate, but not very powerful on their own, better serving at times as decoys and to handle fodder with their standard Pistol Flux LX. The Bogo notably improves their odds against grouped enemies, and the Range Warrior makes them more effective at medium to long-range engagements.

They also have a unique superweapon called the Ravager, which came in a Beta and Alpha variant. The former is a large sphere that emitted powerful lasers in all directions, simply destroying most enemies in its range until it exploded. The latter is a homing disc that ricochets between enemies, homing in on them on its own. Both Ravager weapons can only be used once, as they have to be charged by the bots' taking and dealing damage, which takes a long time.

They also make us of a small number of gadgets, such as their own wrench for hitting enemies and rotating bolt cranks. Other than the wrench they also standardly come with EMP Grenades, for disabling 70 millimeter Stalker Turret's and Landstalkers, as well as shock orbs and electrified platforms. Al's workshop vendor also sells a Shield Link, which allows a bot to create a shield around the other (or Ratchet himself) when working on manual tasks, ensuring they can actually finish. Completing battlecourses also grants Ratchet's bots the Grind Cable and Hacker Ray gadgets, which allows them to lay grind cables at fixed areas and hack security orbs to progress through various challenges.

The combat bots will not actually ever use their gadgets, except the Shield Link, nor the Ravager weapons, on their own. Instead, the player has to order them through the controller's D-pad. They also have the option to order them to retreat and regroup at Ratchet's position.

Equipment and upgrades

The weapons and upgrades were provided by Go-Comet.[2] One of the weapons was the Bogo, a hovership-mounted grenade launcher refitted by Go-Comet for personal use, named after the sound it made when firing in a crowded test laboratory.[6] The Beta Ravager superweapon was specifically designed to be fired and controlled by combat bots, though it needed its recoil reduced to prevent them from misfiring into the grandstands during DreadZone challenges.[7]

Equipment Price Availability
Pistol Flux LX By default
Bogo 20,000 Avenger Tournament
Range Warrior 30,000 Crusader Tournament
Alpha Ravager By default
Beta Ravager 100,000 Vindicator Tournament
EMP Grenade By default
Shield Link 15,000 Marauder Tournament
Hacker Ray Catacrom Four reward
Grind Cable Sarathos reward
Upgrade Price Availability
Go-Comet A 25,000 Avenger Tournament
Go-Comet X 50,000 Crusader Tournament
Go-Comet XR 75,000 Vindicator Tournament
Hyper-Tron 100,000 Liberator Tournament
Dreadinator 150,000 Marauder Tournament (Challenge mode)
DZ Ultra 200,000 Vindicator Tournament (challenge mode)
Ultranator 250,000 Liberator Tournament (challenge mode)


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The combat bots have a brown and blue design by default, the original paint scheme from a DreadZone Champion Bot.[8] The other customizable paintjobs were provided DreadZone and derived from contestants or organizations in the Shadow Sector,[4] with the exception of the "Assassin" design hand-painted by Al.[9]

The bots use standard DreadZone 3030 head by default. Al also provided many helmet modifications: the Crash V6, a modified Go-Comet crash test helmet;[10] the Gate Keeper, a rare helmet worn by Tron-Del Warriors (which smelled like feet);[11] the Cyclone, which Al claimed was designed for a "mysterious superhero named Al-Man" (providing no evidence for his existence);[12] and the Bounty Hunter, based on the helmet worn by Jet Baxter in Al's favorite movie, Mandles, Sandles for Men. The Saga Continues?[13]

Paintjob Price Availability
The Royale By default
The Commando 1,000 Marauder Tournament
The Gold Star 3,000 Avenger Tournament
Pale Rider 3,000
Gunner Grey 5,000 Crusader Tournament
Elium Shocker 5,000
The Destroyer 10,000 Vindicator Tournament
The Assassin 20,000 Liberator Tournament
The Dragon 50,000 Challenge mode
Bruiser Machine 50,000
The Firestorm 50,000
Head designs
Head Price Availability
DreadZone 3030 By default
Bounty Hunter 2,000 Avenger Tournament
Crash V6 3,000 Crusader Tournament
Gate Keeper 5,000 Vindicator Tournament
Cyclone 10,000 Liberator Tournament
ShellShock 'Exterminator Bot Heads'
option from the
Cheats menu.
The Eviscerator

Behind the scenes

Merc and Green were apparently planned to have legs at one point. The two have legs in an early screenshot for the game, In a video on GameSpot, Merc and Green had legs.[14] They also had legs on the Japanese cover. In the final game, Green mentions that he had his legs blasted off,[1] and describes the event in which it happened in the Blathercon War.[15]