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Unofficial title
No official name has been given to this subject in any licensed Ratchet & Clank media; as such, a descriptive name was chosen.

The Cobalia Gelatonium Plant on Cobalia was the major producer and distributor of Gelatonium in the Polaris galaxy which was shut down by Emperor Tachyon. It was by far the largest refinery in the Polaris Galaxy, surpassing the Kerchu Refinery on the planet Sargasso and planet Jasindu. Ratchet met the Smuggler in here, who requested them to got the plant running again and offered a ride to Kortog on his ship if they did so. The plant was currently deactivated by the orders of Emperor Tachyon which prevented ships from leaving the planet in order to track down the Lombax. The duo had to close 2 bolts cranks which operated 50% of the plant's power supply. This resulted in the reactivation of the plant.


This Gelatonium Plant was near a valuable Leviathan wilderness on the Planet Cobalia. Many ships and harmless bots were seen transporting goods in and out the Plant. Inside, it was full of liquid Gelatonium rivers and waterfalls. The liquid Gelatonium was then transported to pumps which Ratchet drained with the Gelanator. The plant was full of Tumfoids - robotic creatures that went at the sight of Gelatonium Blocks. They were harmless and could not be killed.

Playable area on Cobalia

Even if the name referred to the plant itself, the Gelatonium Plant was in fact the name given to the playable area on Cobalia (e.g. Stratus City - Playable area on Kortog). It had a typical Aridia-type climate and appearance. Ratchet came across his first Basilisk Leviathan, with 3 in total, 2 in the cave, and 1 in the wilderness. The Spaceport had 3 GrummelNet vendors (devices, weapons and armour). The Spaceport was also full of harmless robots, and a gold bolt. Ratchet also visited the Smuggler who was an important character that traded Leviathan Souls for bolts.



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