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Cobalia, also known as the "Gel Capital of the Polaris galaxy",[1] was a swamp planet best known for being the Polaris Galaxy's richest source of gelatonium, the most commonly used spacecraft fuel in the galaxy. GrummelNet's famous Confuzzler Gas was derived from the seeds of the Cobalian Werm Plant. Basilisk leviathans are commonly found in caves and jungles on Cobalia.

When Emperor Percival Tachyon took over Cobalia, he gained control over the largest source of Gelatonium in the galaxy, making the rest of the galaxy dependent on Tachyon's rationing of Gelatonium fuel for all interstellar travel.

Three years later, Ratchet and Clank crash landed on Cobalia after fleeing from Tachyon's attack on Metropolis on planet Kerwan. To ensure no one would get off the planet, Tachyon had the Gelatonium Plant in the Cobalia Spaceport shut down. The Smuggler, who was apparently stranded on the planet due to the Gelatonium Plant being shut down, met them in the Cobalia Spaceport and offered them a ride to Stratus City if they'd get the Gelatonium Plant's fuel pumps working again.

Ratchet on Cobalia

Ratchet & Clank comic series

Cobalia was one of the planets stolen by the Markazian planet-thief Artemis Zogg.[2]






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