Secret Agent Clank logoAll 4 One logoFull Frontal Assault logoInto the Nexus logo Clank-Fu was a martial arts technique used by Clank and his replica Klunk. He used it to perform stealth takedowns or attack enemies with power. This combat technique was first used in the game Secret Agent Clank and appears again in later moves.


Up Your Arsenal

Clank uses the Clank-Fu in the opening cut-scene, where his Holo-Vision show is on, he uses it to defeat two Ninjas. Clank also used his Clank-Fu while filming for his Holo-Vision series, it was only referred to as Kung-Fu in this game by the Director, Clank would deliver swift punches at enemies.

Secret Agent Clank

Clank-Fu was utilised as Clank's primary form of attack in Secret Agent Clank, Clank's regular Clank-Fu attack consisted of two three punches, but eventually additional moves could be downloaded onto Clank.

The following is a list of Clank-Fu moves in Secret Agent Clank.

  • Clank Fu Kick - Adds a fourth powerful kick to a 3-hit melee combo.
  • Clank Fu Hot Foot - Launches a boost from the Jet Boots to enemy's face after the fourth kick if it was used.
  • Clank Fu Hot Foot 2.1 Beta - Adds more power to the normal Clank Fu Hot Foot.

In the final boss fight, Klunk also utilised his own form of Clank-Fu against Clank, telling Clank that he was not the only one to train in the utilisation of the "stealthy arts"

Post-Future series

In All 4 One, Clank's melee attack was Clank-Fu. Clank attacks using karate chops, a spinning move and his throwing attack is one of his Heli-Pack blades, Clank's Hyper-strike involved him using a double axe handle - putting his hands together and smashing them down into enemies. Clank also utilized Clank-Fu while on board the Starship Phoenix II in Full Frontal Assault, and in the Netherverse in Into the Nexus.

Extra downloadable moves

Secret Agent Clank

Download Clank Fu Kick

Clank knows Kung Fu! This combat logic mod allows Clank to string on a super kick at the end of all his melee combos.

Move Description, SAC
Download Clank Hot Foot

With a little engineering modification and some questionable mods from the storehouse, Clank's Jet Boots can be converted to deliver a flame attack in the middle of any Super Kick (mod sold separately).

Move Description, SAC
Download Clank Hot Foot 2.1 Beta

If one replaces the standard Jet Boot engine with the thrusters from a prize-winning Skyboard jet, the power of Clank's flame boot attack can be increased a hundredfold!.

Move Description, SAC

Behind the scenes

Clank Fu is based on Kung-Fu (功夫), otherwise known as Chinese martial arts.

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