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Clank's admirer[1][2] is a character in Going Commando. She is a mute, female infobot, with a bright red look, with large feminine eyes, an oval-shaped head, and black paint around the back of her head resembling hair. She is the only infobot seen in the Bogon Galaxy and is an admirer of Clank. She has helped him on two occasions.

Clank's admirer was first seen in the episode of Behind the Hero featuring an interview of Ratchet and Clank, in which she was seen hiding behind Clank's chair. Next, she followed Clank to Bogon and knocked on the door of his apartment in Megapolis, Endako, to deliver him flowers, only for Angela Cross to scare her away and stomp on her flowers, as she only came to kidnap Clank. Later, when Ratchet and Clank were imprisoned in the Thugs-4-Less Prison on Aranos, she helped Clank escape through an air duct. At this point, Ratchet became aware of their relationship, which he found humorous.[3]

Clank's admirer with Ratchet, Angela, and Clank in his apartment on Endako.

Finally, Clank's admirer warned Ratchet, Clank, and Angela about Captain Qwark's master plan to unleash the Protopet menace on the galaxy in order to fix it himself and restore his tarnished reputation. After showing them the video clip, Qwark, disguised as Abercrombie Fizzwidget, incapacitated her by shooting her. After the Mutant Protopet was defeated, Clank was saddened at his destroyed robot admirer, but Ratchet cheered him up by promising to fix her. She then appeared in the final scene, hanging out with Ratchet, Clank, and Angela in Clank's apartment. When Clank asked her what she did for fun, she expanded to reveal a screen to him, the contents of which made Clank's head spin, and exclaim "Oh, my goodness!".[4]

Behind the scenes

Unused dialogue from Up Your Arsenal appears to be spoken by Clank's admirer, who is given a voice. In it, she speaks to her agent on the phone and expresses frustration about her and Angela not being featured in Up Your Arsenal. The dialogue also refers to Angela as a lombax, which was ambiguous at the time of release.[5]


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