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The Circuit Jammer is a weapon featured in Going Mobile. It is available at the Weapon Store for 950 bolts in the Series 40 version, but is instead obtained for free from Al in Series 60 upon visiting the Communication Station for a third time. It can be upgraded to level 3 with use. Al grants it to you as it can destroy certain walls, which they needed to access a vault and steal the Payola in the Megakill Blast Arena. This ability is required to collect some of the titanium bolts as well.

The Circuit Jammer in action.

It has a black and silver design, with three prongs that each fire bullets in a series. The Circuit Jammer is relatively weak at first, due to its low level, but becomes relatively useful once fully upgraded. Although it has a fast rate of fire, the bullets are very slow, making it difficult to use on far away enemies when in line of sight. However, the bullets have a homing capability, meaning it is superb when shooting at enemies that are unable to hit you, as you will be safe from danger while they are not.

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