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The Chronoscepter is a powerful Zoni scepter wielded by Clank in A Crack in Time. It is over a hundred million years old, and is used by Senior Caretakers of the Great Clock. It runs on quantum energy, and grants the wielder limited power to manipulate time. Its known powers include the ability to reverse time on targets and repair objects or reverse projectiles, to fix time anomalies on planets, to create temporal recordings from time pads, and to throw Time Bombs. It can also be used as a simple melee weapon.


Clank and his clones created by using the staff

The Chronoscepter is swung by pressing Square as Clank. Pressing the button allows Clank to swing the Chronoscepter at the nearest target. Against enemies, this will simply attack them as a normal melee weapon would. When swung against projectiles aimed at Clank, the projectile will reverse and hit the enemy they came from. This is the only way Clank can hit targets from a distance. The Chronoscepter's other abilities are all used when interacting with objects, aside from Time Bombs which are thrown using Circle or L1.

Swinging the Chronoscepter on broken objects, such as broken pipes or shattered glasses, will reverse time on them and repair the damage down to the object. This will reward Clank in bolts in the same way that destroying an object as Ratchet would.

Behind the scenes

The Chronoscepter is used by Clank in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.