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Chompers[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank and the 2016 re-imagined game. They are small blargian robots used by Drek Industries with large chomping mouths and sharp teeth that are deployed to bite enemies. They are encountered on many planets, including Gaspar, Quartu, and Kalebo III.


In the original release, chompers were first fought in the Blarg Depot, Gaspar, during "Find the Pilot's Helmet", and many were spawned from blarg generators. They were then fought near the robot factory, Quartu, during "Find out more about the Ultra-Mech". Finally, many were fought in the Gadgetron site, Kalebo III, during "Get past the blarg".

In the re-imagined release, chompers were first encountered in the Blarg Research Outpost, Gaspar, during "Fight the Blarg", where they were found outside the Blarg Depot. They were then fought in Skorg City, Quartu, during "Infiltrate the factory" and "Investigate the factory". Finally, they were fought in the Gadgetron Headquarters, Kalebo III, during "Find the Focus Lab".


Chompers are small, metal, bipedal robots with large chomping mouths with sharp teeth, and only two small legs. They are found almost entirely in groups and swarms, and often spawned from a blarg generator. Upon finding their opponent, they will charge towards them and attack with a bite.

Chompers are very similar in behavior to the sandsharks.


In the original release, chompers pose little threat, as they have low durability and can only attack in melee range. The OmniWrench, Pyrocitor, or Walloper are most effective at clearing them out in close range.

In the re-imagined release, chompers present a minor threat, though they must be taken care of when fighting larger groups of enemies before they become overwhelming. Chompers can be killed in a single hit. The Pyrocitor, Proton Drum, Combuster, or later the Sheepinator are all effective at mowing them down quickly, while Mr. Zurkon can shoot at nearby chompers to provide breathing room while focusing on minor enemies. When spawned from a generator, the generator must be destroyed first.


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