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This doesn't look too hospitable. Maybe they put in false coordinates to throw us off the trail.

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Challax was a desert planet located in the Solana Galaxy. During the time of the creation of the Ratchet Clone Factory on Quodrona, Challax was home to the Technomite City. The planet was guarded by a Technomite Orbital Facility, and a fleet of Technomite ships. Ratchet and Clank travelled to Challax to find Luna.

Climate and Terrain

Challax was a desert planet and also rocky. It was very hot due to the planet having two suns, meaning merely any plants or grass could be found on the planet. There were also oceans of mud and rocky mountains scattered about.


The only known living life forms on the planet were the Technomites. The Technomites were the only intelligent life known on the planet.

Wildlife and Flora

Challax is a vast desert world this an occasional rocky mountain. The temperature make this planet almost completely deserted of life. Life seems to thrive inside the rocky mountains. Small flowers and clover like plants can be found inside these mountains along with some beetles and dragonflies, which to the local Technomites are massive creatures. Outside the safety of rocky mountains, only Skreeducks appear to live outside in the vast deserts of Challax.

Technomite City

On the planet, there was a very small city, that was called the Technomite City. The city was the city of the Technomite species during the time of the creation of the Ratchet Clone Factory, located near the planet's few plants. The city had Technomite Soldiers and Technomite Shock Troopers spread about, to secure the city. The Technomites had a variety of vehicles, including the Dropship and Technomite Hover Car.

The city couldn't be accessed by those who did not have a Shrink Ray to shrink themselves. The Technomite City seemed to have some trouble with insects, which were gigantic, compared to the Technomites.

While following the track of Luna who had double-crossed them, Ratchet and Clank used the Shrink Ray on themselves to explore the city in search for Luna. When they had fought their way through the city against many Technomite Shock Troopers and a Technomite Dropship, Ratchet and Clank found Luna, only to realize that Luna was merely a robotic puppet controlled by Technomites.
Challax's surface

Planet Challax's surface

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Behind the scenes


"Challax" is a name that is also used in another one of Insomniac Games's series, Spyro the Dragon. Challax was the name of a dragonfly, seen only in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.


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