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Chainblade is a boss fought in Going Commando. He is a colossal gladiator that fights in the Galactic Gladiators event, a Megacorp event broadcast around the Bogon Galaxy fought in the arena in the Maktar Resort. Chainblade, true to his name, fights with two long blades, which extend to a long range when striking with them at foes. He was a headliner for Galactic Gladiators, along with the B2 Brawler.

Defeating Chainblade with only the wrench will earn the skill point "Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade".

Chainblade appears in the Insomniac Museum in Up Your Arsenal, in which he carries two laser whips instead of his signature chain-blades.


Chainblade with the B2 Brawler

Chainblade came from the Galactic Gladiators bio division,[2] and was born on Snivelak.[1] He fought with his custom made chain-blades,[1] and went undefeated in five hundred straight matches.[2]

Chainblade appeared in a commercial for the Galactic Gladiators broadcast, which intrigued Ratchet. When Ratchet participated in the event, he fought Chainblade in the challenge "Chainblade Challenge". The announcer was stunned to see Ratchet defeat him.[3] Afterwards, Ratchet fought Chainblade again in the challenges "Mega Challenge!" at the end after fighting gladiators, "Tag Team Battle - Chainblade and the B2 Brawler" in which he fought alongside the B2 Brawler, and the "Ultimate Challenge" in which he was fought twice. In challenge mode, he also appeared in a challenge "Timed Avoidance Challenge - Dodge Chainblade for two minutes", in which Ratchet had to avoid taking damage from Chainblade for two minutes.


Chainblade is a colossal reptilian alien from Snivelak.[1] Despite being from Snivelak, he appears to more closely resemble the green Megacorp gladiators, which were genetically engineered by Megacorp for their gladiator event.[1] Chainblade, however, is much larger, at least three times the size of Ratchet, and has a muscular upper body. He wears thick, dark blue armor, and wears two black hoverboots that allow him to hover in the air.

Chainblade carries two signature custom made[1] chain-blades, large swords which he wields in battle by striking forward, at which point the blade will extend forward to reach a long range. Chainblade often does this after hovering with his boots, and also attacks by running towards opponents and slicing twice horizontally in front of him. Chainblade is very confident, and will show off by dancing during battle, sometimes after hitting him. He will also roar at Ratchet when failing to hit him. When he dies, his death is dramatic, as he rolls around twice before falling.


Behind the scenes

Chainblade concept art.png

The Plasma Whip was originally built on Chainblade by Tony Garcia to be used as an enemy weapon. However, Garcia was challenged to fix any bugs and make the weapon usable by Ratchet.[4] The Chainblade with the whip Garcia tested on can still be seen in the Insomniac Museum.

Chainblade appears as a multiplayer skin in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.