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The logo of the Center for Advanced Lombax Research

The Center for Advanced Lombax Research was a research facility used to develop and test new technology for the Lombaxes. It was widely spread out throughout the Polaris Galaxy. Bases were built in remote locations such as Sargasso and Rykan V. The eight brightest minds in Lombax history helped with their greatest project, the Dimensionator, which was later tested. Alister Azimuth was an elder councilman of this organization.[1]

The Center for Advanced Lombax Research also produced the Alpha Disruptor, and it was the first nano-weapon the organization created. The Center played a big part in the Great War. They provided troops with armor and weapons for battle and organized the production of the Dimensionator.

The downfall of the Center for Advanced Lombax Research was caused by Alister. With the war over and a breakthrough for technology to protect the universe, Alister exposed Tachyon to blueprints for weapons. Kaden was a member of the Center and the selected keeper of the Dimensionator. Sadly when the Lombaxes left Kaden with the Dimensionator their cities and bases were ravaged by scavengers. The Kerchu race took over the testing facilities on Sargasso and the buildings crumbled to ruins. Tachyon tried to find the Lombax Secret on Rykan V by assaulting it with Drophyds.[2]


Notes and references

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  2. The HelpDesk says this when the weapon is acquired.
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