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Cazares[citation needed], singular cazar, are a species in the Ratchet & Clank series, featured in Up Your Arsenal, Deadlocked, and the Ratchet & Clank comic series. They are native to planet Marcadia in the Solana Galaxy, the location of the Capital City. The only two known members are President Phyronix, the galactic president of the Solana Galaxy, and Sasha Phyronix, captain of the Starship Phoenix and mayor of Metropolis, Kerwan.

Cazares are humanoids with fur, tails, and five fingers, making them similar to the lombaxes. However, their fur is dark brown, with few noticeable stripes, and they have sharp, pointed ears reminiscent of a fox. Both known cazares are politicians with prominent roles in the galactic government, and their homeworld of Marcadia is the location of Solana's capital and its presidential palace, suggesting that cazares play a key role in the Solana's politics and society.

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