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Catch the Infobot is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. While exploring on Orxon, Ratchet found and chased an infobot that contained co-ordinates to planet Hoven.


This mission begins at the end of the path to the right of a Gadgetron vendor where the two paths split. Two groups of toxic crabs, accompanied by screamers sleep here, but is considered part of the "Explore as Ratchet" path. Regardless, dispatching them is easy enough with ranged weaponry. Follow the infobot at the end, using Magneboots to climb the Magne-Strip. Be careful not to fall off, while dodging jets of fire and taking out a few darters with the OmniWrench while upside down. Upon reaching solid ground again, you will find a barrier you cannot disable, a group of four crabs asleep on the other side, and a lone versa-target located high above them.

Either use the Taunter to wake them up and lure them into the barrier, or use the Swingshot to get across, leaving you to take them out at close range or ignore them entirely. Keep chasing the infobot, using the Swingshot to reach an area with another small group of darters. This route is fairly linear and several screamers, darters, and a rather large number of crabs inhabit it. Either pass by loudly or quietly, but nonetheless be careful of the lone blarg saucer that appears at the end, forcing you to either run past the crabs and go for the infobot, or make a stand and destroy it and any other remaining enemies.

The infobot will enter a large oval-shaped room, made entirely out of Magne-Strips. Find the exit to finally grab the infobot. A nearby route will open up, allowing you to return to your ship.