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It's a beautiful spring day on Catacrom Four, Juanita! As we kick off a brand new season of DreadZone!

Dallas Wanamaker, DL

Thats' right, Dallas! And we're are lucky to have a bird's eye view of the action!

Juanita Alvaro, DL

Catacrom Four laid deep in the Shadow Sector and was filled with ancient ruins. In actuality it was a robot burial ground, so travelers had to be careful about robot zombies poking their heads above ground level and taking a swipe at them. Due to its status as a burial ground, Catacrom Four likely hosted only a minimal living population. Catacrom Four was full of surprises, both on the surface and beneath. It was also DreadZone's starter course and where Ace Hardlight killed Captain Starshield.

Catacrom Four was a rocky yet vegetated world with many caves and canyons. It hosted a cloudy, gloomy atmosphere. There are also signs of past life here, and there are many robots there, although undead.


Battle of Catacrom Four

Early in its history, a major intergalactic conflict, known as the Battle of Catacrom Four took place on Catacrom Four between the Grunt Troops and some other unknown adversary. The conflict was a complete bloodbath, and the spirits of the dead literally were absorbed by the planet. The fate of the conflict is unknown, but it was later decided that Catacrom Four would become a large burial ground for the robots that died during the war.

Use by DreadZone

With the rise of Vox Media Empire, Vox decided Catacrom Four would make an excellent battle course for his gladiators. This move quickly disturbed thousands of dead machines, who rose from the dead as Robot Zombies to kill those that violated their memorial grounds.

The Catcrom Four Map, on the "Valley of Heroes" mission

It was here that contestant Captain Starshield was killed by Ace Hardlight during an episode of DreadZone, making him the highest ranked contestant on DreadZone.

Later on, Ratchet, Merc and Green were assigned to traverse the graveyard, being attacked not only by DreadZone gladiators but also undead robots. They also participated in Hoverbike race through the graveyard as well as destroying three sacred shrines of Catacrom Four.

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Characters on Catacrom Four

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Behind the scenes

By listening to cut files, the burial ground was originally named the "Torval Burial Ground."



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