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Don't you treat me like one of your subordinates! I'm not Courtney Gears!"
"Nag, nag, nag. Change the channel, will ya? This is why office romances never work out!

Dr. Nefarious and Cassiopeia bickering, ACiT

Cassiopeia was one of the three Valkyrie leaders who worked for Dr. Nefarious as part of a bargain to let them restore their colony. She was the supreme leader of the Valkyries, outranking the other two, and was the closest to Dr. Nefarious.


A Crack in Time

Cassiopeia, along with Carina and Libra, were first introduced after Lord Vorselon failed to destroy Ratchet and General Azimuth. Nefarious said he would help them and the other remaining Valkyries bring back the rest of their colony (which was destroyed by the Erebus Supernova) using the power of the Great Clock if they helped him in return. The Valkyries agreed and Nefarious sent Carina and Libra to destroy Ratchet and Azimuth, while Cassiopeia began a relationship with him. Nefarious and Cassiopeia were seen together in the Nefarious Space Station, with Nefarious telling her of what happened when he kidnapped Clank, and when Ratchet's actions in the past caused a crack to appear on Nefarious's eye.

Ratchet fighting Cassiopeia

Defeat and death

With Dr. Nefarious's plan going accordingly, Cassiopeia kidnapped Clank and locked him away on planet Vapedia. She used a fake distress signal to lure Ratchet and Azimuth to the Valkyrie Citadel. Ratchet made his way through many Valkyrie training courses and death traps to get to her. As the two clashed in confrontation, Cassiopeia taunted the Lombax, claiming Clank was planning to leave him forever. Despite this, Ratchet finally defeated her and damaged her aircraft. The malfunctioning craft, along with her, smashed through the container Clank was locked in, sending both of them falling. Ratchet immediately used his Hoverboots to save Clank, leaving Cassiopeia falling to her death in the abyss of Vapedia.


After her death, Nefarious betrayed the Valkyries, having no longer a reason to help them without his lady friend. To tie in, the Valkyries failed to keep Clank under custody. Lawrence was also unaware of what happened on Vapedia, assuming she had left Nefarious after considering the implications of marrying him.

Character details

Family and significant relations

Cassiopeia was one of the Valkyrie leaders alongside Carina and Libra.

She had a brief relationship with Nefarious.


Like the other two Valkyrie leaders, Cassiopeia was much larger than the other Valkyries; this caused her to appear obese.

Skills and abilities

Cassiopeia on her combat platform

Like the rest of the Valkyries, Cassiopeia was a skilled pilot, presumably the best as she was the leader of her race. She was very skilled at piloting her Valkyrie War Ship, although she was never shown using it in combat. She also had great skill in utilizing a flying combat platform equipped with a chain gun. However, she proved not to be a match for Ratchet, and was defeated.


  • She was also called "Cassy" amongst close friends.
  • At one point, she referenced Nefarious's past relationship with Courtney Gears, but saw her as more of a subordinate.
  • It is likely that Cassiopeia was named after the constellation of the same name (akin to the naming of Libra and Carina).
  • It is possible after fighting her on Vapedia using only the R.Y.N.O. V, that the following cutscene glitches, and the fight must be fought again.
  • Cassiopeia seemed to be larger than all the other Valkyries.
  • During Cassiopeia's boss fight, if the Groovitron was used on her, she would do a pole dance.
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