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Bonjour, Monsieur Lombax. I see you picked up on our little signal. Unfortunately, this is as far as you go!

Carina, before her battle with Ratchet., ACiT

Carina's warship

Carina was one of the three Valkyrie leaders who worked for Dr. Nefarious. She owned a large space cruiser and she guarded planet Vapedia. When Ratchet first met her in the Korthos Sector, she and her sister Cassiopeia, chased Azimuth along a meteor field while Libra stayed to defeat Ratchet. In the Bernilius Sector, Ratchet needed to defeat her and her ship in order to reach Vapedia. She was killed when her ship was destroyed.


Early life


After their colony was destroyed in the Erebus Supernova, the Valkyries were forced to move to the planet Vapedia. All male Valkyries were then banished for failing to ask for directions.

Rise to power

At some point, Cassiopeia allowed her to become one of the three leaders along with herself and Libra, which she agreed to.


One day, the Valkyries were approached by Dr. Nefarious, an evil robotic doctor, who offered them large sums of money to make Alister Azimuth and Ratchet disappear; the Valkyries quickly agreed.

Korthos Sector

In their Valkyrie warships, the three leaders patrolled the Korthos Sector when Azimuth and Ratchet both appeared in the sector simultaneously. While Libra stayed behind to take care of Ratchet, Cassy and Carina went after Azimuth. The older Lombax lost them in an asteroid field, reaching Lumos, while Ratchet destroyed Libra.

Bernillius Sector

In the Bernillius Sector, Carina faked a distress signal from Clank to lure Ratchet close to Vapedia, then ambushed him in her cruiser. She put up a fight, but Ratchet was eventually able to destroy her ship, killing her.


  • Carina had a French accent.

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