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Captain Blackstar is a minor character mentioned in Up Your Arsenal and Tools of Destruction, and a secret boss fought in the Insomniac Museum. He is a space pirate who terrorized the Solana Galaxy before being defeated by Captain Qwark in the first Qwark vid-comic, Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

Though Blackstar is not fought in Up Your Arsenal, the special edition of the first vid-comic, playable in the Insomniac Museum, still features an early version of the Blackstar boss fight. Additionally, Blackstar is playable in the minigame Pirate vs. Ninja, also present within the Museum, and appears in his own showcase.


Captain Blackstar was presumably created in the Polaris Galaxy by Emperor Tachyon along with the other space pirates. Not only did the pirates on Ardolis remember him, but his armor, the Blackstar armor, was available in GrummelNet's armor vendors.[1]

Blackstar terrorized the galaxy in the early days of the fifth Solarian equinox.[2] Captain Qwark, who was already a legend in the galaxy by this point, fought Blackstar's pirates. Captain Blackstar was Qwark's most deadly adversary yet, and was fought by Qwark prior to Dr. Nefarious.[2]

Blackstar's pirate ship in the Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder vid-comic.

Qwark defeated Blackstar's pirate crew, as well as a robotic space eel that haunted his ship, and accepted a fee for his services.[3] Following this, the space pirates in the Polaris Galaxy named a kerchu radio station on Ardolis the Blackstar Memorial Radio Tower in his memory, and his armor was sold by GrummelNet.[1]

The story of Captain Blackstar is somewhat ambiguous. Though the comic narrator questioned his existence,[2][3] his armor and a memorial dedicated to him could still be found in the Polaris Galaxy.[1]


Pirate vs. Ninja.

Captain Blackstar is a large space pirate with a single cyclopic eye, two tusks in place of a mouth, a pegleg for his right leg, and a large sword. In both Pirate vs. Ninja and the special edition vid-comic, Blackstar's movement is slow, and his main attack is a swing of his sword. In the special edition vid-comic, Blackstar also has a spirit, in the form of a floating blue skull with two eyes, which is capable of moving his sword as well as repossessing his body when it is inactive.


The floating skull of Blackstar in the beta vid-comic.

Behind the scenes

Blackstar was intended to be the boss of the first Qwark vid-comic, but was cut as he proved too complex.[4]


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