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The Burst Pistol is a weapon in Rift Apart. It is a rapid-fire blaster pistol which fires energy projectiles at a high rate of fire, serving as a long-range weapon that is adaptable to many situations and threats.

The Burst Pistol is picked up for free in "Navigate the Parade Route" in Megapolis, Corson V. At level 5, it upgrades to the Blast Pistol, which fires from three barrels. In challenge mode, the Omega Blast Pistol can be purchased for 40,000 bolts.


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The Burst Pistol is a versatile, well-rounded weapon that excels because of its range and versatility. It has rapid-fire capabilities, and pulling R2 halfway will cause it to fire slowly, while pulling it fully causes it to rapid-fire. Initially, as an early weapon, it is viable against all types of enemies and easily adaptable. As the game progresses, its damage does not keep pace with the increased toughness of later enemies, and instead, its main use lies in its range: against enemies where it is preferable to keep a distance from them, such as the Nefarious Juggernauts or Vroom Goons, the Burst Pistol can be a good way to deal modest damage to enemies without coming too close to them, and against mobs of melee enemies, the Burst Pistol can help thin them out before they get too close.

The raritanium upgrades for the weapon can bring it from competent to very potent, especially with regard to its rate-of-fire. Increasing its rate-of-fire through upgrades can turn it into a rapid-fire weapon, making up for the low damage of its individual shots; likewise, increasing its max ammo to keep pace with this allows it to remain useful. The three bonus upgrades also improve provide enhancements to the weapon's capabilities without fundamentally changing its functionality.

When the weapon is upgraded in XP, it becomes the Blast Pistol, a blaster that has three barrels and thus becomes more useful in spreading its damage among a group of small enemies. It functionally remains a solid choice as a long-range weapon, but is still outclassed by more specific choices: for instance, the Negatron Collider becomes a better choice for a long-range weapon, and the Lightning Rod and Buzz Blades become better at dealing with mobs of enemies.


  1. Becomes 100 per pickup with Crate Ammo upgrade