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Buccaneers were grog-guzzling, Decadroid robot enemies that kept it classy with a saber in hand, aiming to chop up Ratchet into sizable portions.


Tools of Destruction

They were members of Captain Slag's crew of space pirates and aided him in plundering ships, cities and planets.

Quest for Booty

Buccaneers continued to serve under the joint crew of the resurrected captains Slag and Darkwater.


There were many types of buccaneers, but there was nothing different about them other than the weapons they used. Different types included axe, sword, cutlass, and club buccaneers.

Buccaneers were quite chatty, for example if Ratchet attacked a buccaneer with the Wrench, they would swear "Watch where you're swinging that thing; almost took me bloody head off!".


Buccaneers attempt to get within range for a melee strike upon spotting Ratchet. Although they had to get close in order to inflict damage, their massive swords took a major chunk from Ratchet's health meter if they connected. It is recommended to attack them with steady, long-range firepower in order to prevent them from advancing on Ratchet.

Starting on Jasindu, they were replaced by an elite variant, who were more powerful and had stronger red and yellow armor.

In nearly every location with pirate presence there was also a buccaneer in control of a turret.

Behind the scenes

A buccaneer type unique to PlayStation Move Heroes

Buccaneers and corsairs appeared in the announcement trailer for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,[1] however in the final version of the game they were replaced by their dimensional counterparts: Robot Space Pirates and Pirate Corsairs respectively.

Buccaneers appeared as small enemies in PlayStation Home firing range (present).

Buccaneers appeared as enemies in PlayStation Move Heroes, where they had several unique variants; each were colored differently and had a special attack, for example, grey buccaneers wielded axes and could perform a special swipe attack, while red buccaneers wielded two swords.



Video games

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