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Bring Hypnomatic parts to Hypnotist is a mission in Going Commando taking place in Allgon City, Damosel. While trying to save the overrun planet, Ratchet and Clank met a Hypnotist, who offered to create them a Hypnomatic if they gave him all three parts and 10,000 bolts.


The three Hypnomatic parts can be obtained in the following missions:

  1. "Search the Distribution Facility" on Smolg, after receiving the balloon-a-gram from Angela Cross.
  2. "Ride the train rails" here on Damosel, a short grind rail mission.
  3. "Trade moonstones for Hypnomatic Part" on Grelbin, in which you have to find sixteen moonstones and bring them to the Mystic (which is only possible after completing the prior moonstone mission as well as "Explore the caves").

If you do not have them all when you first meet the Hypnotist, use the taxi to return to your ship and find them. Once ready, bring them to him and pay 10,000 bolts to obtain it.

After you obtain it, you can no longer leave the area in the taxi. To resolve this, use the Hypnomatic to control the Receiver Bot in the room behind bars at the back. The receiver bot is controlled by using X to jump and Square to fire its cannons, and can only be used for thirty seconds at a time. Fire cannons to destroy the Protopets and Extermibots in here along the way, and control it to move to the platforms at the back, jump across them on the right, and reach the top of the mound and stand on the switch to allow the taxi to return.

With your Hypnomatic, you can now complete "Find Angela" on Grelbin.