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Breegus Wasps[1] were medium-sized flying insects that attacked Ratchet and Clank via spitting projectiles. They were shaped and looked very similar to its possible cousin, Grubsnuckers, which were found in planet Sargasso in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Like its cousin, the only way of attack was to spit projectiles at Ratchet. While similar in appearance to Grubsnuckers, they were more fast and aggressive and had a distinctive glow. Breegus Wasps also came in different colors and spat out different types of projectiles based on the habitat on the moons they were on (red colored wasps on a fiery moon/spat fire or blue colored wasps on a frozen moon/spat ice, etc.).

They first appeared in the Phylax sector, could be found on different moons of other sectors and in the Great Clock.

A Breegus Wasp. Note, Grubsnuckers look exactly the same as a Breegus Wasp


Notes and references

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