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Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder - Special Edition is a secret Qwark vid-comic in Up Your Arsenal, playable only in the Insomniac Museum along with the unnamed Qwark vid-comic. The level, as stated by commentary from Ken Strickland in the museum, is the original version of Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder, and has a few differences compared to the final version of the level featured in the game.[1] It also features Captain Blackstar as the boss, uses a soundtrack theme from Batalia in Ratchet & Clank, and does not feature a blaster.

Level design

The start of the level is identical to the final level, though after climbing the first ledge, instead of an elevator leading to the top, a set of disparate platforms appear, which the player must reach using wall-jumps. To the right of this is another path upwards which the player must use jump from a ledge and punch mid-air to reach the wall and then wall-jump up to the top, where a red token can be found on the top-left. The path then leads right, with spikes, floating skulls, rats, and robotic pirates along the path (similar to the final level).

The large room.

After this, a larger room is reached, where the path diverges into two paths up and down. In order to progress further on the right, where the path is blocked by a red and green flame, the player must activate two jewels at the end of the different paths to deactivate the flame and then proceed to the path. The red jewel path is located by using wall-jumps at the top to reach an upper area, while the green jewel path is located by taking the elevator floor down to a treasure room.

The red jewel path.

The red jewel path begins with a series of wall-jumps upwards, before the path leads left into a larger room with disparate platforms that can only be reached by jumping. A few tokens can be found on the right, while on the left is a path that can be wall-jumped up through to reach a set of disappearing platforms. More tokens are found along the righthand side, including a red token found next to some spikes, though climbing to the very top leads to a path along the right, with a moving platform above a set of spikes on the ground. The player must crouch while the platform is moving to cross. After this, the path continues similarly, with more floating platforms across spikes, a few red tokens found above, until it eventually leads to the red jewel. Touching it will warp Qwark back to the red flame from the room at the start of the path.

The treasure room.

The green jewel path begins as the elevator leads down to a treasure room, which is different from anything seen in the final version. Here, a stash of gold at the bottom is too steep to climb, requiring the player to climb a few disappearing platforms to reach the top of the ledge. After this, the path continues right down another stash of gold, before leading into a wide room with a wide elevator. Pirates will throw bombs here (though at a much longer range and in a much wider space than in the final level), until the elevator reaches the green jewel at the top.

The green jewel.

Once both flames are extinguished, the path continues right along a standard linear path. This is a similar path to those in the final level, though the floating skulls are capable of jumping horizontally over platforms instead of just upwards. It begins with a path over spikes, then leads to a short path upwards with robotic pirate guards. After this is another path right over spikes with floating skulls, and then a few steps, each guarded by pirates throwing bombs, lead up to the final area where Captain Blackstar is fought. Blackstar is fought in a room identical to the one the space eel is fought in from the final level.

Captain Blackstar boss

The floating skull of Blackstar.

Captain Blackstar's body is initially inactive, and a floating skull of Blackstar will appear in the room and laugh before possessing Blackstar's body. At this point, Blackstar becomes active, and will attack by swinging his sword. In-between attacks, Blackstar will beat his chest, and can summon space rats. As Blackstar takes damage, some of his armor falls off.

The boss.

When a bar of Blackstar's health is depleted, he will then shatter, and his sword will fly in the air, aim towards Qwark, and then stab the ground. This will happen twice, then Blackstar will reassemble. His attacks are the same as before.

Once Blackstar's health is depleted, his floating skull will appear in the air, along with his sword, which will have the same attack patterns. Blackstar must be defeated by wall-jumping to reach his skull, and then punching it once, destroying the skull and completing the vid-comic.


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