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The Boltaire Museum was a museum on an unnamed planet boasted the largest collection of robot artifacts and precious stones in the galaxy. They also offered an excellent Galactic Hero discount. This was the first location Clank visited in Secret Agent Clank. It has an outdoor security trench, and a main entry hall with a large statue. Clank also found Ratchet's Dual Lacerators there, and then sent them to Ratchet in a cake when he was in prison.

Copies of Ratchet's Dual Lacerators were on loan to the Boltaire Museum from the Galactic Museum of Heroism.

Precious Gem Wing

The Precious Gem Wing was the Boltaire Museum's gem wing, the most precious gem contained in this wing was the Eye of Infinity. It was the most secure wing within the museum, containing hordes of Enforcement-Bots and Security Lasers; nevertheless a mind controlled Ratchet was able to circumvent the defense system to steal the Eye of Infinity. Clank would later get through the wing to obtain a clue on Eye of Infinity whereabouts.

Artifacts at the museum

Behind the scenes

The Boltaire Museum was namely named after bolts, the main currency in the Ratchet & Clank universe.


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