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The Bogon Galaxy is the main setting of Going Commando. It is one of three galaxies in the Ratchet & Clank series, home to 29 known planets and locations. The galaxy is home to Megacorp, an enormous corporation headed by CEO Abercrombie Fizzwidget and is the location of Clank's apartment in Megapolis, Endako, as well as the home of the female lombax, Angela Cross, on planet Grelbin.

Megacorp appears to have a monopoly over most industries in the Bogon Galaxy. Megacorp produces weapons, gadgets, appliances, entertainment, as well as militarized robots. Planets are highly commercialized, and almost all of them are affected in some way by Megacorp's presence, positively or negatively. The galaxy is also home to a ruthless intergalactic mercenary group, the Thugs-4-Less. Though there are several unique species, most of the civilians are robots.

The galaxy was hit by a crisis when Megacorp mass-marketed a killer, the Protopet, around the galaxy. This was done while Qwark had kidnapped and impersonated Abercrombie Fizzwidget, using Megacorp as his vehicle to produce a galaxy-wide disaster, in order to then take credit for solving the issue. His plan backfired, and Ratchet, Clank, and Angela defeated Qwark and saved the galaxy from the Protopets.


Pre-Going Commando

Prior to Megacorp's arrival in the galaxy, it had many competitors, including Gadgetron Corporation, who were based on Barlow. Gadgetron had a factory built on Barlow, where an Inventor was developing the Thermanator, and a perfect pet (which became the Gadgetron Hound of Cuddly Death).[1] However, Megacorp, after several successful products including the Triple-B, or "Big Badass Bomb", drove Gadgetron and other competitors away, becoming the one and only choice in the galaxy.[2] Megacorp expanded around and spent millions of light years mapping the Bogon Galaxy.[3] However, Megacorp's influence on the galaxy was not always positive. On Tabora, they deforested the entire planet into a barren desert in order to use it for mining.[4]

In G2.14.173, Captain Starshield saved the galaxy when it was being terrorized by a pan-galactic amoeboid mafia ring.[5]

Qwark plotting his comeback.

After his defeat at the hands of Ratchet and Clank, Qwark staged a comeback in the Bogon Galaxy, once he financed his new plan by selling 1,000,000 fraudulent Personal Hygenators.[6] This plan involved kidnapping Megacorp's CEO, Abercrombie Fizzwidget, locking him in a supply closet,[7] and engineering a crisis. This would be done by pushing forward the release date of a biologically engineered pet, the Protopet,[8] in spite of them not being ready for market, as they would eat their handlers.[9] Megacorp's employee, Angela Cross, who had been assigned to fix the Protopet's flaws,[8] left the company and took up the persona of the Unknown Thief. She then stole the Protopet and took it to her flying lab on Aranos.

Going Commando

Qwark recruiting Ratchet as a commando.

Qwark, disguised as Abercrombie Fizzwidget, recruited Ratchet as a Megacorp commando, after viewing him in an interview from an episode of Behind the Hero. Qwark provided Ratchet with commando training, standard gear, a ship known as the Star Explorer, and also hired Clank as Megacorp's head accountant, giving him an apartment in Megapolis, Endako.[10] Qwark assigned Ratchet to track down Angela and retrieve the Protopet. However, Ratchet was unsuccessful, and Angela hired the Thugs-4-Less for her protection. Eventually, Ratchet and Clank tracked Angela down to her base on Siberius and retrieved the Protopet.

Fizzwidget with a Protopet.

After the duo returned the Protopet to Qwark on Tabora, the latter crushed their ship and abandoned them on the planet, making it appear to be senile behavior of Mr. Fizzwidget. The two then met Angela, who revealed herself through her Unknown Thief disguise to be a female lombax. She warned them that they had put the entire galaxy in "imminent danger" and encouraged them to search Megacorp's testing facility on Dobbo to learn more, presumably referring to a report by Dr. James T. Fullbladder recommending that the Protopet be destroyed due to its violent tendencies.[9] They also repaired their ship with the help of the Mystic, and upon traveling to Dobbo and viewing the report, they saw that they were the first to view the recording, meaning that Fizzwidget could not have seen it.[9] Following unsuccessful attempts to contact him, the two began to work with Angela to prevent the Protopet from being released on the market, while Megacorp hired the Thugs-4-Less to stop them, overriding their contract with Angela.

The Protopet Factory and Megacorp Headquarters.

Ratchet and Clank were unable to prevent the Protopets from being sold. When Angela was captured while infiltrating the Thugs-4-Less fleet for more intel, Ratchet and Clank rescued her by defeating the Thug Leader on Snivelak. They later learned that Megacorp had begun shipping Protopets to disastrous results, particularly on Damosel. The three decided it was impossible to reach Mr. Fizzwidget, but could possibly shut them down by infiltrating the Protopet Factory on Yeedil. After Angela found her old Megacorp ID badge on her homeworld of Grelbin, the three infiltrated the base. Before reaching the Protopet, Clank's admirer showed up to stop them. She presented a film of Captain Qwark preparing his plan to use the Protopets to stage a comeback. Qwark then shot Clank's admirer and revealed himself through his Fizzwidget disguise.

With Ratchet, Clank, and Angela held hostage, he began filming a broadcast around the galaxy in which he would use the Helix-o-morph that Angela invented to solve the crisis.[6] This plan backfired, as the battery of the Helix-o-morph was in backwards,[7] causing the device to transform the original Protopet into a Mutant Protopet. Ratchet and Clank managed to defeat it, and Angela used Megacorp's TV transponders to transmit the Helix-o-morph signal around the galaxy and cure the remaining Protopets, while also freeing the real Mr. Fizzwidget.[7] The three then returned to Clank's apartment on Endako, where Ratchet repaired Clank's admirer, while Qwark was given a job at Megacorp as a tester for a device known as the Crotchitizer.[11]

After Going Commando

Following the events of Going Commando, Ratchet and Clank remained in the Bogon Galaxy. At some point, Ratchet built a gravimetric warp drive out of blargian scrap metal, while Clank starred in a holovision series called Secret Agent Clank.[12] Qwark, meanwhile, left his job at Megacorp and went into hiding on planet Florana in the Solana Galaxy. Slim Cognito, a black market dealer in Bogon, was forced to flee the galaxy after a run-in with the police when he sold a Suck Cannon upgrade to a minor.[13] Additionally, Carbonox alloys were exported to Gadgetron in the Solana Galaxy, for use in their Infernox armor.[14]

Ratchet and Clank still owned their apartment on Endako, and returned to it after defeating Otto Destruct in Size Matters and after defeating Klunk in Secret Agent Clank.

Artemis Zogg, at one point, stole planets from Bogon, beginning with Aranos, for use in his Artemis Galaxy. Additionally, several planets in Bogon were raided of their exotic critters by Ephemeris for use as Loki hosts.



A Fizzwidget bot giving a tour of the armory to a group of tourists.

A large portion of the population of the Bogon Galaxy is robotic. Civilian robots are seen prominently in Allgon City, Damosel, as well as on the tour guides of Todano. Megapolis, Endako also appears to be mostly populated by robots, as its sweeper bots are not well adjusted and will malfunction to target organic life.[1]

The most prominent sentient species seen by Ratchet and Clank is the Thugs-4-Less species. This is a species of reptilian humanoids, with blue, purple, or green skin, from Snivelak. Though not a Thugs-4-Less member, Chainblade also hails from Snivelak.[1]

One prominent sentient species is a race of humanoids with pale skin, two antennae on their heads, and three fingers. Abercrombie Fizzwidget, Billy, and the Megacorp Scientist are members of this species.

Another sapient species is the tribesmen from Barlow and Joba, which are a related tribe of natives to their respective worlds.[1] However, this species is insular and does not appear to interact with the broader Bogon society.

Many residents of the Bogon Galaxy hail from other galaxies. On Barlow, the Inventor's species is a species from Solana, suggesting Gadgetron's staff on Barlow are made up of species from Solana. Angela Cross is also a well-known example of a Bogon resident whose species is not native to the galaxy.


The Bogon Galaxy does not appear to have a central government. Though there is a known law enforced by a police force that apprehended Slim Cognito,[13] Megacorp appears to be the main central authority. Megacorp has its own robotic security force, of which Megacorp Troopers are the vanguard,[1] and fulfills many of the functions a government would, including mapping the galaxy.[3]

While there is a law in Bogon, it appears very lax. Megacorp's hold on the galaxy suggests there are no laws against monopoly, and their deforestation of Tabora suggests no strong environmental laws exist or are enforced. Additionally, though the Thugs-4-Less operate with extremely brutal methods, there is no evidence to suggest they have been declared unlawful, and they are never met with resistance from anyone outside of Ratchet and Clank.

Though Allgon City sent extermibots to eradicate the Protopet crisis, it is unspecified if these were sent by a local government authority.


Hoverbike racing on Joba.

Gladiatorial combat and hoverbike racing are popular sports in the Bogon Galaxy, with events broadcast by Megacorp. Two large gladiatorial combat events in the galaxy are the Galactic Gladiators event, broadcast annually around the galaxy[15] from the Maktar Resort, and the Megacorp Games from Joba. Both events are sponsored by Megacorp. Additionally, Team Megacorp Racing sponsors hoverbike races, which also take place on Joba and are advertised in conjunction with the Megacorp Games.[16]

The Maktar Resort.

The Maktar Resort, a large tourist destination, is a space station that features casino gambling as well as the Galactic Gladiators event. Another is the Megacorp Armory on Todano, which provides tours to learn about Megacorp history.

Bogon uses television broadcasts,[7] which can be watched from space. TV channels in Bogon include sports, weather, and a science channel.[17] One of the popular shows is Behind the Hero, which interviews and documents famous heroes, including Ratchet, Clank, and Captain Qwark.

A galactic chess board game known in the galaxy was played by Ratchet and Clank in their apartment on Endako. In the game, each player has eight pieces based on creatures in the Bogon and Solana galaxies: a blargian snagglebeast, a scoutbot, an extermibot, an alien snapper, a mutant swamp fly, a blarg paratrooper, and a dragon boat. The only known rules are that the blargian snagglebeast has an allergic reaction to swamp flies that lasts two turns after eating a swamp fly, and that if the snagglebeast is unable to escape, being taken the next turn, it was "checkmate".[18]




Name Locations Description
Aranos Flying lab A planet covered in frozen alps, it is home to the flying lab used by Angela Cross, which was later taken over by the Thugs-4-Less to use as a prison. This was the location of Ratchet's first mission as a commando, and also where he and Clank were imprisoned.
Barlow Vukovar Canyon A desert planet that formerly served as the major hub for Gadgetron Corporation in the galaxy. As Megacorp drove Gadgetron out of business, only a few ruins and individuals are left behind, as well as the local tribesmen.
Boldan Silver City A highly populated planet with yellow skies and home to Silver City, which contains a large clock tower, and an underground tunnel for aircraft travel.
Damosel Allgon City A highly populated planet covered in vast oceans, home to civilian robots in Allgon City, a highly commercial city constructed in dome structures above sea level. When they went on sale, the city was overrun by Protopets, which bred at an alarming rate. In its orbit is the Damosel moon.
Dobbo Testing facility An aquatic planet covered in islands with jungles, home to one of the largest testing Megacorp facilities in the galaxy. In its orbit is Lunar City.
Endako Megapolis An urban planet home to Megapolis, an enormous city with towering skyscrapers, flying cars, and robotic janitors keeping the city clean. The city from space seemed to span an entire continent. It is home to Clank's apartment, which Ratchet and Clank have used as a home in Bogon.
Gorn Thugs-4-Less fleet A dangerous planet covered in thunderstorms, fog, and large mountain peaks. The Thugs-4-Less parked their fleet here in the skies.
Grelbin Tundor Wastes An snowy planet filled with ice planes, home to dangerous Y.E.T.I.s and arctic leviathans. It is a home of the Mystic, several moonstones, and Angela Cross' house from her Megacorp days.
Joba Megacorp Games A jungle planet that hosted the Megacorp Games, and hoverbike races. It is also home to local Joba tribesmen.
Notak Canal City An oceanic planet known for its dark canals and boat travel in its Canal City. The city also contains a Megacorp chemical facility.
Oozla Megacorp Outlet A planet covered almost entirely in swamps with deadly aliens, home to a large Megacorp outlet with a store.
Siberius Frozen base A cold, icy planet home to one of Angela Cross' bases.
Smolg Distribution facility A large, poisonous planet only breathable above the smog, home to Megacorp's distribution facility where they ship merchandise throughout the galaxy. It was used to ship Protopets and contains mutated wildlife that defends its shipments.
Snivelak Thug HQ A hot planet with red skies that is home to a small city located in a fortress, and the headquarters of the Thugs-4-Less.
Tabora Mining area A desert planet containing an abandoned Megacorp mining facility. It was once home to large forests prior to Megacorp's deforestation to mine the planet's raritanium resources. The Mystic can be found here, along with many mutated aliens and desert crystals.
Todano Megacorp Armory A forest planet with large mountains that is home to a large Megacorp armory containing heavy weaponry. It also serves guided tours, though the mutant test-squirrels feed on them.
Yeedil Protopet Factory A dark planet covered in black clouds and fog from the skies, home to Megacorp's Protopet Factory and large headquarters, from which new products were created from supply lines.

Other celestial bodies

Name Description
Damosel moon The moon of planet Damosel, home to a moon-wide city filled with skyscrapers. Here, Clank fought the Mothership as Giant Clank.
Feltzin System A common trade route filled with asteroids, and the rendezvous point for the Thugs-4-Less. The Thug Leader claimed it was located in "Sector 12345".
Hrugis Cloud The home of the Deep Space Disposal Facility.
Lunar City The moon of Dobbo, home to a moon-wide city filled with skyscrapers. Here, Clank fought the Thug Leader as Giant Clank.
Maktar Nebula The nebula that is home to the Maktar Resort space station.
Wupash Nebula A nebula that is located along the path between Aranos and the Maktar Nebula. The Thugs-4-Less ambushed Ratchet's ship from here.

Space stations

Name Description
Maktar Resort A space station located in the Maktar Nebula. Most notably home to the Galactic Gladiators, it also features casinos and flying limo transports.
Slim Cognito's Ship Shack Slim Cognito's private space station located in deep space. Here, Slim sells upgrades for starships.
Thugs-4-Less jamming array A spherical space station accessed from the Maktar Resort. This station contained Thugs-4-Less jamming arrays that Ratchet disabled.

Mentioned only

Name Description
Cerebella The home of the B2 Brawler/Scorpio, Brainius, and the B1 Brawler.
Klor Home to Horrible Sulfur Beasts of Klor.
Tarantia The home of the Arachnoid.
Vaknar III The home of the Torbian Canyon, where the Megapede originated from before being taken to compete in the Megacorp Games on planet Joba.[1] This planet was also mentioned in All 4 One: at some point, Ephemeris raided the planet for creatures such as blumples to be used by the Loki.