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The Circuit Jammer is a weapon featured in Going Mobile. In the Series 40 version it is the most expensive weapon available at the Weapon Store for 1,650 bolts. In Series 60 it is instead free, but requires completion of the "Boar Blitz Battle", the final challenge at The Arena. It can be upgraded to level 3 with use.

The Boar-Zooka in action.

The Boar-Zooka has a large and wide nozzle, which fires a thick blue beam in a direct line. It has decent range and a high rate of fire, and is very useful early on in Series 60's versions, due to its ability to pierce through enemies, objects and walls. It is also the second-most powerful weapon in Series 40 version. Enemies are not killed by the beam, but instead turned into harmless boars. Its lack of ammunition, piercing, and good damage makes it a useful weapon.

It has one fatal flaw however, the beam cannot destroy crates, nor the automated turrets that are common in some level, and is not capable of damaging the final boss.

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