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Looking to deliver a high-powered knuckle sandwich? Then try the Blitzer, a new weapon that makes YOU the projectile!

GrummelNet Preview, All 4 One

The Blitzer is a melee weapon manufactured by GrummelNet in All 4 One. It consists of two large punching gloves, allowing the user to lock onto a target and charge into them from a considerable range.

The Blitzer is first available at The Deadgrove for 6,000 bolts. The elite version can be purchased for 50,000 bolts.


The Blitzer is similar to the Walloper, as both weapons are weaponized gloves. The Blitzer includes two orange punching gloves with red and silver accents. If the heroes use it together on the same target, the attack will become more powerful. The Blitzer also has a recoil after every punch, that causes the user wielding it to bounce back.

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