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Blarg waste disposal tankers[1] are large enemy vessels in Ratchet & Clank. They are blargian vessels resembling flying millipedes used by Drek Industries to dump large amounts of waste to the waters of Pokitaru. This caused the puffoid and psy-tcopus wildlife near Jowai Resort to become ravenous mutants and drive away the tourists,[2] and also obscured all traces of Raritanium from the planet's oceans.[3] Blarg waste disposal tanks make up a front carriage where the pilot resides, and eight container tanks carrying waste. Despite their size, they are otherwise unarmed and vulnerable to attack, and as such, are accompaniyed by blarg saucers.

Ratchet destroying the Blarg waste disposal tankers on Pokitaru.

When Ratchet and Clank arrived on Pokitaru, the Resort Owner asked that they destroy the waste disposal tankers in exchange for the one remaining O2 Mask. They first escorted the Resort Owner to the jet fighter in "Help the resort owner", after which, they used the Pilot's Helmet to pilot the jet fighter and destroy them in "Destroy the blarg ships". Each container had to be destroyed before the entire ship was destroyed.

In the 2016 re-imagined game, blarg waste disposal tankers are replaced by the hydroharvesters, which are identical in function and serve a similar role in the story, though they are instead used to drain Pokitaru's water rather than to dump waste.