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Blarg space fighters[1] are enemy vehicles in Ratchet & Clank. They are blargian fighter-craft ships created by Drek Industries, which Ratchet and Clank encountered on the Gemlik Base in the Oltanis orbit. They also encountered these ships when piloting their own jet fighter in their dogfight against Qwark.

In the 2016 re-imagined game, space fighters are instead replaced by blarg saucers.


Blarg space fighters were first seen defending the Gemlik Base. During "Explore base", many of them fired at Ratchet and Clank as they searched the base for Qwark. When they found him, Ratchet had to pilot a jet fighter to take down Qwark's starfighter in "Shoot down Captain Qwark", while Qwark was accompanied by many blarg space fighters that fired at Ratchet. Qwark's ship was eventually shot down by Ratchet, causing him to crash on Oltanis, located just below.


Ratchet fires at a blarg space fighter.

Blarg space fighters are fighter-craft with a slightly orange color, a red trim, and green highlights. They have a large thruster on their back, two wings with green engines, and a fairly slim design. They are capable of firing rockets and bullets from beneath them.

Throughout the Gemlik Base, blarg space fighters hover around in a stationary fashion and fire missiles towards those who come into range. In space, however, they fly around freely and eventually pull over in front of Ratchet's jet fighter to fire bullets. These space fighters can also drop health and ammo crates.


When fighting space fighters on the Gemlik Base in the first mission, their rockets have a good speed and fast range, making it extremely difficult to get past them. The best way to take them down is to take cover from a distance where they are not in range and fire the Visibomb Gun, directing it towards the fighter and destroying it from a safe distance. Alternatively, using the Decoy Glove to distract it and aiming the Devastator can also be effective at clearing them out if the Visibomb Gun is not affordable.

When fighting against other fighters using Ratchet's jet fighter, they should only be targeted when they pull up in front of Ratchet's ship or when there is a need for ammo or health crates. Otherwise, it is important to focus on the main target.


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