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Blarg paratroopers[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank. They are robot soldiers working for the blarg forces. In their standard form, they are encountered in Fort Krontos, Batalia during "Meet the Commando at city" and "Explore the walled city". Elite blarg paratroopers[2] are encountered in the Blarg Depot, Gaspar both during "Find the Pilot's Helmet" and in the planet's underground tunnel.

Blarg paratroopers had a cameo as a piece in chess in Up Your Arsenal.

In the 2016 re-imagined game, blarg paratroopers are absent, replaced by other enemies such as the basic blarg trooper or warbot.


Concept art for the original game

Blarg paratroopers are yellow, humanoid robots with green eyes and a large green glow in their upper torso. They carry a single pistol that fires a stream of micro-missiles in rapid fire in a fixed direction at a target with deadly range. Both their standard and elite form have an identical appearance.

After firing a stream of missiles from their pistol, they side flip to the left or right before aiming again, in a fashion very similar to Ratchet's own side flip. After their sixth flip, they will instead reload and cock their gun, before side flipping to fire again. When approached in melee range, they will whack their opponent with the gun. Paratroopers otherwise do not stray far from their starting destination and are often accompanied by other small enemies such as scoutbots or seekers.


Blarg paratroopers fire their micro-missiles at long range before side flipping to fire again. Their missiles can be deadly due to their range, and they will quickly flip to fire again, making them somewhat difficult to avoid. Therefore, it is best to remain in range, and either fire the Devastator or Glove of Doom to destroy them quickly and before they become a threat. If confident enough to dodge their sprays, the Walloper or Bomb Glove, in closer range, can also quickly eliminate them. Elite blarg paratroopers have little difference from their standard forms, aside from increased range.


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