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Blarg minifighters[1] are vehicles appearing in Ratchet & Clank. They are small blarg space fighter-craft in the shape of a short jet with a large cockpit, with a single engine and exhaust. They are seen in a black variant first in the robot factory on Quartu, and an orange variant in the skies of Fort Krontos on Batalia, as well as an infobot for the Blarg Depot on Gaspar.

An electroid piloting a Blarg minifighter.

A blarg minifighter on Gaspar.

On Quartu, Clank piloted a minifighter to flee the planet shortly after his creation, and two electroids piloted their own minifighters to chase him, eventually shooting his ship and causing it to crash land on Veldin. On Batalia, minifighters are seen accompanying blarg destroyers when bombing the planet, and Ratchet can use the turret at the fort to destroy them during "Destroy the bombers"; doing so will earn the skill point "Accuracy Counts". The orange variant was also seen in an infobot for the testing of the Pilot's Helmet on Gaspar, in which the blarg pilot crashed the minifighter before even managing to fly. The crashed ship was then visible at the testing area when Ratchet and Clank visited the depot.

Blarg minifighters are absent in the 2016 re-imagined game, replaced by a shuttle that Clank pilots at the start, and by blarg saucers.


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