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Blarg heavy interceptors[1] are low-altitude hovercraft enemies in Ratchet & Clank, fought in Gorda City, Oltanis, during "Search the destroyed city." These are harmless blargian hovercrafts sent by Drek Industries, which patrol parts of Gorda City's ruins with their searchlights beneath them. Upon detecting Ratchet in the searchlight, they will summon machinegun turrets to attack. They do not appear to have a cockpit or to fit anyone inside, suggesting they are automated.

Ratchet running from an alarmed Blarg heavy interceptor.

Each hovercraft has four claw-like propellers around their chassis, a white dome on top, and a silver searchlight on the bottom. The searchlight shines directly below them and is used to detect enemies, as they patrol in a set pattern across an area. Upon detecting Ratchet, their searchlight will deactivate, and the hovercrafts will flash red, triggering an alarm that activates nearby turrets. Shooting the interceptors will also activate the alarm. It is best instead to avoid the searchlights, only triggering them if the player desires bolts from destroyed turrets, or has a Tesla Claw to easily destroy them or Drone Device for defense. If the alarm is activated, then it is best to ignore them after the alarm if nearby machinegun turrets are triggered, as their durability and harmlessness mean it is not worthwhile. While the player can use the Visibomb Gun to destroy them beforehand remaining out of reach, the cost of Visibomb ammo means this is likely not worthwhile.

Similar Megacorp Sentinels appeared in Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal.


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