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Blueprints of a harvester

Blarg harvesters are devices used by Drek Industries to harvest planets featured in Ratchet & Clank, with different versions appearing in the 2016 re-imagined game and the movie. They are devices commissioned by Chairman Drek to build Drek's new planet by harvesting pieces from one planet to use on another.

In the original release, blarg harvesters were massive, almost planet-sized collectors with giant cranes, used to extract entire portions of worlds. The first target was Tobruk Crater, Novalis, with Drek announcing his intention to use it on the planet through an infobot, in which he warned that its use would cause a change in mass that would inevitably lead to the planet drifting into its sun and exploding.[1] Harvesters successfully completed the planet by the end.

In the re-imagined release, blarg harvesters were instead small, orange robots with two small arms, used to take tiny pieces of planets recently destroyed by the Deplanetizer and reassemble them for use on Drek's new planet, named New Quartu. As in the original release, they successfully built the new planet.


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