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Blarg fighters[1] are vehicles in Ratchet & Clank. It is a blarg fighter that Ratchet and Clank acquired on the Gemlik Base. It is a faster ship than those the two previously acquired, allowing them to more easily chase down Chairman Drek.[2]


In Qwark's headquarters on Umbris, a row of blarg fighters could be seen in the hangar behind Qwark's tour shuttle when Ratchet and Clank first acquired the shuttle.

Later, the two fought Captain Qwark in his starfighter in the Gemlik Base. After "Shoot down Captain Qwark", Qwark's starfighter crashed down on planet Oltanis below. Ratchet celebrated the moment of Qwark's defeat, while Clank was still focused on defeating Chairman Drek. Ratchet suggested that they fly the ship as it would be fast enough to catch Drek.[2] Behind the ship, an infobot with Darla Gratch' Channel 2 News report on the destruction of Oltanis gave Ratchet a change of heart, as he believed he had been selfish focusing on Qwark. The two then resolved to take the blarg fighter down to Oltanis to find survivors of the attack.


Concept art.

The blarg fighter is a fast ship[2] which is sleek but deadly.[1] It is a long, purple ship with a yellow cockpit, two green engines on its back, and two wide wings. The ends of each wing appear to contain grey weapons, though Ratchet and Clank do not fire any weaponry from the ship.


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