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I'm not sure why I bother with you incompetent idiots. Alright, I'll try this one more time. You are my most elite troops, I'm sending you down to the planet's surface to destroy those trouble makers! Now go!
Alonzo Drek, R&C

The Blarg Elite Guards were the elite of Alonzo Drek's Blarg army. They were amongst the strongest enemies of the original Ratchet & Clank game, and appeared on both Kalebo III and Veldin. They carried very long ranged power guns. The shots were yellow and would be shot in intervals of three, as the troopers would need a moment to reload before firing off another three shots. If the player was to run away from the enemy to the point of non-visibility, the shots could still hit you. The main difference is only the mask they wear.


On Veldin, be aware that if you hit a guard in the final part of the level (the area with about 17 of them) every one of them will open fire on you. It is easier to walk past, and get to the Giant Clank area where you can destroy them all.