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Blade bots[1] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal encountered in challenges in the Annihilation Nation on Station Q9. They are small robots with a single yellow light, and small antenna, that hover up towards a target and slash them with their revolving dual razors. The basic green variants are seen in the challenges during the first visit to Annihilation Nation for "Win the Tyhrra-Guise". The black variants, seen in the challenges after the second visit for "Meet with Courtney Gears", simply deal more damage.

Blade bots are relatively weak opponents that only pose a threat when surrounding Ratchet in a large group. They are best dispatched with weapons that have a wide area-of-effect, such as the Plasma Whip or Shock Blaster. They are also particularly useful as ammo for the Suck Cannon, to use against other enemies.


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