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Birdbots[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank and the 2016 re-imagined release, encountered in the Tobruk Crater on Novalis. They are medium-sized blargian robots sent by Drek Industries and encountered by Ratchet and Clank during the blarg's attack on Novalis, along with peckbots.


Birdbots attacking Mayor Buckwash's ship in the re-imagining.

In the original release, birdbots were fought alongside peckbots during the missions "Find a new ship", "Explore the waterworks", and in the cave behind the ship's landing platform. In the re-imagining, birdbots were fought in the equivalent missions "Find someone to help you repair your ship" and "Defend the planet", though they were not fought in the caves, as they were replaced by amoeboids.


Birdbots are medium-sized, armored with yellow and gray metal framing, with a cannon on their right arm, an articulate three-fingered hand on their left arm, and a jetpack with one thruster (two in the re-imagined appearance) on their back. They have a large torso and upper body but a relatively small head and legs, with their face slightly beaked. They achieve mobility only through their use of a jetpack, descending to land when an enemy approaches to fire their cannon, sometimes from a vantage point. They otherwise remain stationary and occasionally hover to other positions to create distance between themselves and their opponents. When hit, they are knocked back, and they will jetpack to either return to a previous position or move to a new position to create distance.


While on the ground, birdbots shoot their cannons in quick succession four times, with a high rate of fire and projectile speed but a close-range (medium to long-range in the re-imagined appearance). This is followed by a short reload moment and slight re-orientation to aim at the target and continue firing. The player must move quickly to avoid being hit, taking advantage of when the birdbot reloads, at which point using the Bomb Glove (or the Fusion Grenade or Combuster in the re-imagined appearance) can dispose of them easily. If within close proximity, a hyper-strike with the OmniWrench can also defeat them quickly.


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