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The first Biobliterator

Biobliterator mech

Second Biobliterator (after transformation)

The Biobliterator was Dr. Nefarious's superweapon that ravaged Metropolis on Planet Kerwan and many other planets in the Solana Galaxy, turning the inhabitants into robots. However, the Biobliterator required a massive amount of energy, and had to refuel on planet Koros.

Only two proper Biobliterators were ever built and both met their demise. The first one attacked Kerwan and various other worlds before being destroyed by Nefarious's BFG built to defend the Biobliterator from the Galactic Government of Solana only to hijacked and used against the weapon. Meanwhile, the second one was completed on planet Mylon and improved on the former by being larger, creating stronger robots and being able to transform into a giant mech. It was defeated by a Hovership piloted by Ratchet.

It was said that by Ratchet that none of the weapons that Ratchet had obtained (by the time he reached Koros) could even put a dent in the first Biobliterator, and the second one was even stronger still.

The Saviors of Magnus

The Biobliteration trophy

Biobliteration is a gold trophy in the high-definition re-release of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal also available through Ratchet & Clank Collection. Defeat the Biobliterator to obtain this trophy.


Development and creation

Ratchet and Clank first discovered the existence of the Biobliterator at Dr. Nefarious's factory on Planet Daxx by hacking into the databases. The Biobliterator's purpose remained a mystery, but it first came to light when Skidd McMarx was turned into a robot by Dr. Nefarious's ally, pop star Courtney Gears, using a smaller prototype Biobliterator ray. Ratchet managed to defeat her, but Skid was to remain a robot for a while. The weapon was intended to bring about a new age.

First model

When Metropolis was attacked and its people turned into robots, the galaxy finally caught on with Nefarious's intentions. On Zeldrin, the duo found a datadisk Qwark tried to obtain when Nefarious's cruiser was destroyed in Zeldrin orbit. Using the info in the datadisk, Big Al discovered the full extent of Nefarious's plan and learned that Veldin would be the next target. This brought the duo to planet Koros.

It was on Koros that Ratchet and Clank found the first Biobliterator and destroyed it with an ion cannon, unaware that Dr. Nefarious had already created a second, improved version of the Biobliterator.

Second model

Nefarious's secretly constructed second model was stationed at the Command Center on Mylon, where it was protected by an entire robot army. The second was larger and underwent a transformation into a giant robot armed with an unlimited supply of missiles.

It would have remained a secret much longer had Ratchet, Clank and Skrunch not have discovered a Data Disk inside the Crash Site of what was once Nefarious's star cruiser, Leviathan. Nefarious's forces were unable to retrieve the Data Disk, despite launching a near-successful raid on the Starship Phoenix. Soon after Ratchet and Clank had destroyed the first Biobliterator using Nefarious's BFG on planet Koros, Big Al cracked the Data Disk, revealing to the Q-Force that Nefarious had a backup. Realizing the threat posed by Nefarious was far from over and that the planned attack on Veldin had merely been delayed, Ratchet and Clank rushed toward Mylon to put an end to Nefarious robotic rampage.

After breaching the facility defenses, the duo were dismayed to see Nefarious pilot his war machine away from the Command Center, realizing it would not be too long before it would be ready to exit Mylon's atmosphere and strike Veldin. The Q-Force dispatched a Dropship to pick up Ratchet and Clank to give chase to Dr. Nefarious. After flying for a bit, they spotted the Biobliterator readying for launch at the Launch Site. Ratchet and Clank managed to make a successful HALO jump that allowed them to dodge incoming missiles launched by the Launch Site's formidable anti-air defenses, allowing Ratchet to throw his Wrench into the launch computer for Biobliterator. When it became apparent his servant Lawrence was unable to come to his aid, Nefarious was forced to engage the heroic duo by himself if he wished to get his weapon airborne.

Biobliterator head

Nefarious looking down upon Ratchet and Clank aboard his transformed Biobliterator

After a fierce battle, an exhausted Nefarious once again called for Lawrence's assistance, which resulted in Lawrence dressed as a rocker to appear before his eyes. Nefarious ordered the confused Lawrence to begin the transformation of his beloved Biobliterator, which eventually resulted in its transformation into a giant mech. Nefarious and Lawrence then promptly teleported into the mech's head, where Nefarious trained its massive missile launchers toward Ratchet and Clank. Fortunately, Captain Qwark arrived aboard his starfighter assist the duo, much to Nefarious dismay. Ratchet, Clank and Qwark worked together to bring it down, and after a fierce fight the Biobliterator mech was brought down. Nefarious and Lawrence themselves were nearly killed when the Biobliterator's reactor blew up prematurely; however, it resulted in them being stranded on an asteroid for years until they reached the planet of Zanifar.

Interactive Replica

Biobliterator nexus

Third Biobliterator, an interactive replica

Sometime after Copernicus Leslie Qwark lost the election to become Galactic President of Polaris Galaxy for a second term, former Galactic President Qwark and others sponsored the construction to a new exhibit known as Solana Galactorium, a zero-g replica of the Qwark's home galaxy, Solana. Most notably, besides featuring floating planets, the museum built a scaled-down copy of Nefarious's Biobliterator, which patrons could fight via Thugs-4-Less' Turrets for amusement.

When Ratchet and Clank were touring the Intergalactic Museum of History in search of the last Dimensionator to banish the Nether scourge, the Tourbot Docent 427 led them to Solana Galactorium. They were soon set upon the Biobliterator, which attempted to transform Ratchet into robotic form. If Ratchet was hit he would temporarily become a robot.

Soon, Ratchet destroyed the Biobliterator replica and proceeded with his journey.


The Biobliterator was a large superweapon that was outfitted with many armaments. Its armor was impervious to most weapons. Its main weapon was a large beam shot from its "eye" that turned any who came in contact into robots under Nefarious's control. The second Biobliterator had the ability to transform into a massive robot armed with an unlimited supply of missiles to shoot down enemies.

Related technology

Several other inferior transformation weapons were present throughout the series, including the Sheepinator.

Several organizations were shown to possess the technology to turn organics to robots, though it was far inferior to Nefarious's Biobliterators superweapons. Friendly Chemicals possessed technology capable of turning people into Omega Series Warbots. Megacorp also possessed technology that could turn an organic into a robot, as they were able to convert chickens from the Morph-o-Ray into Megacorp Chickenbots.

Boss Strategy

Up Your Arsenal

The Biobliterator serves as the final boss of the game. While it's not as difficult as Nefarious, it can still be a challenge to defeat. Ratchet must use the Hovership to destroy the mechanical behemoth. The Biobliterator attacks by unleashing a swarm of missiles, and firing energy blasts. If it successfully shoots down the Hovership, use the Turbo Slider to find another one.

Another alternative to this is to use the flux/splitter rifle and PDA, to snipe The Biobliterator from a distance. Over by the hovership is a metal mass and what looks like Clank's head, this is the perfect spot to hit The Biobliterator and hide from the missiles.

Into the Nexus

Biobliterator boss meter nexus

The Biobliterator's health meter in Into the Nexus

After his rise to presidency Qwark retooled the Galactic history museum to include an orrery of the Solana system and a fully functional Biobliterator that Ratchet will have to fight. The fight is relatively simple: Ratchet will have to jump from planet to planet avoiding the Biobliterator's attacks and, preferably while it's busy attacking a planet that Ratchet hopefully was not on, use the Turret to blast it. (Note: other weapons will work against it but will take significantly longer to destroy it.) If Ratchet is hit by it he will take a large about of damage and be temporarily turned into an immobile robot, prompting Clank to make a joke about Ratchet no longer shedding in their apartment.


  • The Biobliterator bore some resemblance to the Death Star from Star Wars. Its transformation from a planet-like mass into a large robot capable of combat is strikingly similar to various Transformers characters, mainly the planet-sized villain Unicron.
  • While Ratchet was fighting Nefarious at the Nefarious Space Station in the Polaris Galaxy, Nefarious mentioned the Biobliterator while fighting.
  • In some Sonic the Hedgehog continuities there is a machine that can be able to also turn organic beings into robots known as the Roboticizer, though not to the extent of the Biobliterator. Although in the Archie Comics a World Roboticizer was seen once.


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