— Billy being attacked by a Protopet, GC

Billy was a young boy who was featured in a Protopet commercial on Boldan in the Bogon Galaxy.


MegaCorp Protopet

Why Is Billy Sad Protopet commercial

Billy in the Protopet commercial

Billy was selected by MegaCorp to be in their commercial for the Protopet in Silver City, planet Boldan. Things didn't going smoothly as Billy began to cry because the Protopet was overly aggressive. The Protopet Announcer claimed Billy was possibly sad because he was either cold or hungry.[1]

On cue, the Protopet was released on set, causing Billy to panic and beg therefor to be taken away. The Protopet Announcer then claimed Billy was sad because he was lonely, which was followed by Billy screaming no. While the Protopet Announcer introduced the Protopet, the Protopet slowly hopped toward Billy, bearing its teeth. Billy grabbed his toy ball and chucked at the Protopet, but the Protopet merely grabbed it with his teeth and spat it back at Billy, causing Billy to fall over, during which the Protopet Announcer claimed the Protopet loved to play ball.[1]

Billy screaming


Billy quickly got up as the Protopet lunged toward Billy, during which the Protopet Announcer claimed the Protopet loved to play tag. While the Protopet Announcer was claiming the Protopet loved to play Cops and Robbers, poor Billy got jumped by the Protopet, causing Billy to scream for the police. The Protopet Announcer then informed viewers to just ask Billy about how great the Protopet was, during which Billy was being spun around in circles by the Protopet who was holding him by his shoes. The Protopet then released Billy, causing him to scream no again while he was thrown across the set into a tree. Before Billy could do anything else, the Protopet Commercial ended.[1]

Behind the Hero

Billy Behind the Hero Qwark milk carton

Billy in an episode of Behind the Hero

As of this airing, the fugitive superhero has been missing for over six weeks.

Billy later appeared in an episode of Behind the Hero where he was eating cereal while staring at a milk carton with a missing Captain Qwark image on it.[1]


This is Darla Gratch reporting live from Allgon City, where Protopetmania is in full swing.
Darla Gratch, GC

Billy was later seen in Allgon City, planet Damosel during the beginning of Protopetmania. Billy was once again being chased by a Protopet as the rest of Allgon City was thrown into chaos.[1]

Secret Agent Clank Premiere


Billy with his Protopet at the far left in the front row

We're live at the star-studded premiere of the latest holofilm in the Secret Agent Clank series. The atmosphere is positively electric as thousands of fanatical fans clamor for a glimpse of their favorite celebrities!
Darla Gratch, UYA

Surviving his encounters with the Protopets in the Bogon Galaxy, Billy attended the Secret Agent Clank film premiere in the Solana Galaxy following Nefarious' defeat at the hands of Ratchet and Clank. With the Protopets being rendered harmless by the Helix-O-Morph, Billy bought his own Protopet, who watched the holofilm with Billy.[2]

Billy's appearances in holovision

Ratchet & Clank Going Commando - Why is Billy Sad

Ratchet & Clank Going Commando - Why is Billy Sad

"Why is Billy sad?" Protopet commercial


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