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Biker One[1] is a character in Going Commando. He is the leader of the Desert Riders, a hoverbike gang based in Vukovar Canyon on planet Barlow, and a member of Thugs-4-Less. Ratchet and Clank encountered him on Barlow to participate in hoverbike racing, and after brief hostilities, he befriended Clank and inducted the two into the Desert Riders.


Desert Riders Ad 1

Biker One's membership card. Used by Ratchet as a temporary membership card.

Prior to being a Desert Rider, Biker One did not fit into any social circles, due to his low self-esteem, bad breath, and obsession with ladies' undergarments. He fit in better with the Desert Riders, believing that the Desert Riders understood him, and appeared in an ad alongside Biker Two.[2] Biker One eventually became the leader of the Desert Riders.[3]

Biker One with Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank with Biker One on Barlow.

Ratchet and Clank encountered him during "Find the Desert Riders", when Biker One's hoverbike, Bluebell, was malfunctioning. After brief hostilities, he warmed to Clank, and offered that they borrow Bluebell for a race around the canyon if they repaired it. Ratchet obliged, repairing it with the Electrolyzer. After Ratchet won the race, Biker One granted Clank a biker helmet to signify that he was "one of us".[4] He then allowed Ratchet and Clank to a telescreen of his boss, the Thug Leader, revealing the location of a Thugs-4-Less employee meeting in the Feltzin System. The two followed this lead to search for the Unknown Thief.

Biker One later appeared in a Vox News report alongside Biker Two, in which Juanita Alvaro tied them to Ratchet for participating in "illegal hoverbike gangs", excluding any context. The image used by Vox was forged, as it depicted Ratchet in his Marauder armor.


Biker One is of the same blue reptilian species as other Thugs-4-Less. He appears plump and overweight, wearing a vest to cover his body, and a black jacket. He also has tattoos on his left arm. He has poor dental hygiene, having made reference to both bad breath and bugs in his teeth.[2]

Biker One is very socially awkward, and unlike other Thugs-4-Less, is quick to drop the threatening pretense and become upset when threatened. He has admitted to his low self esteem,[2] and referred to his own "sensitivities" that few understand.[2][4] He appears to be fearful of yelling, as he was frightened by Ratchet's yell to intimidate him into leaving Clank alone, and rationalized the Thug Leader's yelling at him as a sign of love.[5]


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