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Achievements were included in Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus, released for Android and iOS.

Name Requirement
Jet Use the Jetpack 10 times.
Moneybags Spend 2000 bolts.
In-Sync Sync Raritanium with a PlayStation Network account.
Protected Purchase all armor.
Liberator Free all ten Terachnoids.
Well Traveled Travel 25,000 meters.
Rainy Day Collect 25,000 bolts.
Not So Rare Collect 20 Raritanium.
Smasher Destroy 1000 crates.
So Boss! Defeat Vendra and Neftin Prog.
Who? Watch the credits.
Groovy Use the Groovitron five times.
Windy Use the Tornado Launcher five times.
Space Use the Rift Inducer five times.
Well Armed Fully upgrade all weapons.
Air Defense kill 200 flying enemies.
Ground Defense Kill 200 ground enemies.
Tech Purchase all gadgets
Secret Weapon kill 50 enemies with the R.Y.N.O.m.
Unlockist Fully upgrade all gadgets.
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