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The Bee Mine Glove is a weapon in Size Matters that also features in Secret Agent Clank in the form of the Bee Mine Mk. II. It delivers a swarm of explosive, robotic bees which attack enemies. The Bee Mine Mk. II uses yellow bees to attack enemies, blue bees to break open crates and white bees to defend Ratchet.

The Bee Mine Glove upgrades to the Killer Bee Mine in Size Matters, and the Killer Bee Mine Mk. II in Secret Agent Clank. Both versions have Titan upgrades available to be purchased in challenge mode.


Size Matters

The Bee Mine Glove was available for purchase for 50,000 bolts in the Medical Outpost Omega. It had eight ammo, and two available mods: the Worker Mod for 5,000 bolts and the Hive Bomb Mod for 300,000 bolts. The former allowed bees to break open crates, while the latter caused the hives to explode and create superspatial rifts upon exhausting all bombs, but was only available in challenge mode.

Secret Agent Clank

The Bee Mine Cake that was sent to Ratchet, while in prison

The Bee Mine Mk. II was found behind the fourth costume cart in the Azcotal Alley on Rionosis by Clank, and sent to Ratchet in the form of a "Bee Mine cake". It featured blue bees that open crates and white bees to defend Ratchet. The weapon could similarly be upgraded to the Killer Bee Mine Mk. II. It featured two mods: the explosive nature mod for 15,000 bolts which allowed the hives to occasionally create more explosive rocket bees, and the killer honey mod that caused all bees to create longer-lasting poison in addition to inflicting damage.


The Bee Mine Glove is an orange glove, which throws down a metallic bee hive known as a Bee Mine. When upgraded the glove stays the same, but the hive changes from orange to bright green. The Bee Mine is made of The weapon is made of state-of-the-art beetane alloy, and deploys hunter-seeker-robotabees to seek out and use their S.T.I.N.G.-brand explosive self-destruct mechanism on any enemies.[1] The Bee Mine lasts until all robotabees are depleted. Up to two can be used at once.

The Worker Mod spawns robotabees with an extra subroutine that allows them to collect bolts, ammo, and health that is lying on the ground if there are no enemy targets around.[2] The Hive Bomb Mod adds a destructive subroutine to the bee hive, once all robotabees have been exhausted it detonates in a subspace rift.[3]


The Bee Mine Glove deploys Bee Mines which send out robotabees to damage nearby enemies, making it an autonomous damaging weapon that supplements Ratchet's other weapons. The bees are broadly useful with moderate range, though they cannot be relied upon as a main source of damage. Instead, the weapon serves a strategic and defensive purpose, allowing Ratchet to gain ground by throwing weapons to protect a specific area. As the weapon upgrades, it gradually becomes more broadly useful against both large and smaller enemies, especially with the added poison when fully upgraded. Regardless, the limit of only two hives and the relatively short range of the bees means it remains a support weapon.

While the Killer Bee Mine upgrade for both weapons releases larger bees that are more damaging, the weapons primarily differ in their upgrade path in terms of the mods available between Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. In Size Matters, the Worker Mod is a simple utility mod, while the explosive Hive Bomb Mod provides additional damage and is a moderately useful luxury mod. In Secret Agent Clank, the Explosive Nature Mod turns some of the bees into rocket bees while the Killer Honey Mod makes bees poisonous, causing damage over time. These upgrades make the weapon much more effective against larger and medium enemies, allowing bees to better defend larger targets; the added poison damage simply comes with the Killer Bee Mine upgrade in Size Matters.

Behind the scenes

Though High Impact Games considered adding a miniturret weapon similar to the Miniturret Glove, it was deprioritized once they realized the Bee Mine Glove would be very similar.[4]