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Beat Courtney Gears is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place in Obani Draco. After Ratchet received a call from Skidd McMarx indicating he had been detained by Courtney Gears, Ratchet followed him to Obani Draco to find and rescue him. However, he reached the testing laboratory for the Biobliterator, where he saw footage showing that the Biobliterator transformed Skidd into a robot. Gears then teleported Ratchet into her music video filming room to force Ratchet to be transformed, though Ratchet resisted.


This boss battle has two stages. In the first stage, Courtney Gears will seldom appear, while her backup dancers are fought primarily instead. The second stage involves no backup dancers, with her appearing in the arena to face your directly.

As the fight starts, Gears will teleport out of the fight at first, and her health bar in the bottom right will fade, as her backup dancers take her place, teleporting in from the cages around you. The backup dancers on the arena will spin around the arena towards you, while others will watch from cages. The backup dancers can be fought using weapons such as the Plasma Whip or Lava Gun, or most chosen weapons. Other backup dancers can be destroyed from the cages before they appear.

After destroying a few backup dancers, Gears will teleport in, appearing in one of the cages, firing energy blades towards you. Jump over them by side flipping while strafing and find which cage she's in as soon as possible, then fire weapons such as the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun at her, using the Miniturret Glove can be effective as she will stay stationary in her cage until teleporting to another. After throwing a few blades, she will teleport to another cage to fire more blades. If a blade hits you, or if you do enough damage to her, she will teleport out and more backup dancers will appear.

Once the second set of backup dancers is destroyed, she will teleport into one of the cages, and backup dancers will appear regardless. Focus on defeating her, and occasionally switch to a different weapon to deal with the backup dancers that appear. Though you can also use the Miniturret Glove, Agents of Doom, or Rift Inducer, keep in mind they are hard to place on the arena and have a hard time keeping up with the backup dancers. Use the ammo crates or nanotech crates if they overwhelm you.

When Courtney Gears is on just below two-thirds of her health, the backup dancers no longer appear, and she instead teleports inside the arena. She will stand at one point of the arena and fire one of her attacks, which include firing a red shockwave across the arena, throwing the energy blades as before, and firing strong beams across the ground. In-between these attacks, from the edge of the arena, she will also perform a spinning attack (much like the backup dancers) in which she follows you around the arena to land a hit, and after this, will backflip and teleport to another part of the arena.

Most of her attacks in this stage can be dodged by jumping or side flipping over them, while her spinning attack is avoided by running and side flipping. During the spinning attack, she is harder to target, so it is best to simply run until she finishes it, and wait for her to teleport to a new spot on the arena. If she successfully lands this attack, she will also taunt you, providing a window of opportunity to shoot.

As with before, the Annihilator and Disc Blade Gun are best against her, and during all attacks aside from spinning, the Miniturret Glove is also useful. In absence of these the N60 Storm, especially if upgraded to the N90 Hurricane, is a decent substitute, along with most weapons that are ranged and can reliably do instant damage. As she is a relatively small target, weapons such as the Flux Rifle can easily miss, so weapons like the Nitro Launcher are more reliable. Ammo crates appear around the arena, and are useful to pick up when low.

Once Gears is defeated, teleport to your ship. The next mission is "Go to the Zeldrin Starport".

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