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Battle your way to the launch site is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the command center, Mylon. After destroying the Biobliterator on Koros, Sasha Phyronix informed Ratchet and Clank that Al discovered from the data disk that a second had been developed in secret on planet Mylon. The two traveled to Mylon to reach the launch site for the second Biobliterator.

A titanium bolt and the Dr. Nefarious trophy can be obtained during this mission.


As you land on Mylon, Slim Cognito will inform you that the Shield Charger is on sale. This is free if you have a Going Commando save file, otherwise it costs 250,000 bolts. It can provide a huge boon to your durability, as it absorbs damage while it is active. Purchase it if you can afford it, or alternatively any of his other weapons if you had not yet.

For this mission, the enemies fought are particularly durable and deal considerable damage. However, it also provides a good opportunity to upgrade any weapons you have not previously upgraded. Otherwise, the Rift Inducer, Plasma Coil, Bouncer, Annihilator, and Disc Blade Gun are best against most enemies. When in a difficult situation, the Shield Charger, Holoshield Glove, Miniturret Glove, and Agents of Doom provide necessary added firepower and defensive support.

When the mission starts, a short Hypershot path will lead immediately to two robonoid commanders. Instead of using the Hypershot to cross and reach them, it is best to simply destroy them with a ranged weapon, such as the Flux Rifle or Annihilator, and then use the Hypershot afterward. As you head down, a robonoid commander and several three-eyed robonoids will appear. Dodge their attacks by engaging them from outside the building, using it as cover. After this, head forward and climb the grav-ramp, making sure to defeat the three-eyed robonoids that come down.

Once you reach the top of the grav-ramp, equip the Tyhrra-Guise and stand on the switch, then head forward and talk to the one-eyed robonoid. The conversation will last longer than previous ones, but eventually, the robonoid will activate a switch and allow you to use an elevator. Once you head up, disable the Tyhrra-Guise and head forward to climb the ladder, then once you climb it, immediately engage the Tyhrra-Guise again. Have another conversation with the one-eyed robonoid to proceed past the forcefield. Once the robonoid stands on the switch and lets you past, you can simply kill it and move forward.

Head down the elevator, and you will be confronted with drone bots, three-eyed robonoids, and robonoid commanders. Fire ranged weapons from a distance using the blocks as cover, and then cross the gap with the Hypershot and proceed along the path. More drones and robonoids are then encountered, and another block provides cover. Use it to defeat the enemies, particularly the two robonoid commanders that stand on elevated platforms near the back, and once you are finished, use the Hacker to get inside the next room.

In this room, clear out the three-eyed robonoids, and then equip the Refractor. Connect the laser beam to the receiver near the top of the room, then use the bolt crank to turn it. Next, climb the two grav-ramps on either side of the room and connect the laser into receivers on either side of the door at the end to open it. Outside the door are several robonoid commanders. This area is particularly deadly, so make good use of cover. Defeat the commanders on the ground first, and then use cover to defeat the remaining commanders on elevated platforms. The Holoshield Glove may be necessary here. Once defeated, a few three-eyed robonoids appear in the final building. Defeat them and then head forward for a short cutscene to begin. The mission then continues directly in "Defeat Dr. Nefarious".

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