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Batalia is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Ratchet & Clank and the 2016 re-imagined game. It is a lush, rainforest world that became a warzone as the planet's Fort Krontos was invaded by blarg armies, and bombed by blarg destroyers. When Ratchet and Clank arrived in the warzone, they found many of the structures on the fort left in ruins. Ratchet and Clank arrived on the planet as Ratchet agreed to help the Commando if Clank would start his ship.

In the re-imagined release, Batalia is instead a snow-covered frozen planet, attacked by the blarg in order to destroy its surface-to-space Starwatch Defense Cannon that disrupted the blarg's forces, and was defended by the Galactic Rangers.


Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet and Clank being scolded by the Commando.

On Umbris, after defeating a blargian snagglebeast, Ratchet and Clank viewed an infobot with a distress call from the Commando, the leader of a battalion on Batalia. Following an argument, Ratchet agreed to help the Commando if Clank started his ship. The two then traveled to Batalia, where they were confronted by the Commando, who gave them the mission "Meet the Commando at city". The two then fought through blarg soldiers and cannonball tanks, until they found themselves unable to reach the fort without using Magneboots to traverse the ventilation shaft leading to the compound. As a reward for helping him thus far, the Commando gave the two an infobot with coordinates for Orxon, where they could find the Magneboots.

Ratchet and Clank meeting the Deserter.

In "Ride the grind rail", Ratchet and Clank traversed a grind rail in the village where they first landed, which led them to a lone Deserter who had fled combat, claiming he merely enlisted in the army to pay for college tuition and never wished to fight in a war. He then presented them with an infobot he had found, and sold it for 2,000 bolts, which he claimed was enough to pay for his way home. The two accepted the infobot; it contained coordinates for planet Gaspar, as well as a commercial for a blargian Pilot's Helmet.

When returning to Batalia with the Magneboots to help the Commando, Ratchet and Clank infiltrated Fort Krontos in "Explore the walled city". After defeating blargian soldiers, they were able to access the fort's planetary defense cannon, which was operated by the Plumber, who reluctantly agreed to let them operate the turret, giving them the mission "Destroy the bombers". They successfully destroyed all the blarg destroyers in the area. As a reward, the Plumber gave them his Metal Detector.


The 2016 re-imagined game is primarily an unreliable retelling of events by Qwark.
The re-imagined game primarily describes Captain Qwark's account of events. As Qwark is an unreliable narrator, and contradictory events are in-universe fiction (though those which correspond still apply). Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

Fort Krontos in the re-imagined game.

In Qwark's version of events, Batalia is instead a snow-covered planet, attacked by the blarg to destroy its Starwatch Defense Cannon located in Fort Krontos, a surface-to-space cannon that disrupted the blarg's harvesters. Ratchet and Clank received an infobot from the Brain Scientist on Gaspar, after trading 20 telepathopus brains for the infobot.

The Starwatch Defense Cannon.

Ratchet and Clank arrived with Cora Veralux, as the three aimed to reach the fort to use the tower in "Travel to the Fort". Once they arrived, they found the fort had been taken over by the blarg, and its cannons would prevent them from crossing. In "Get to the Turret", Ratchet used his magneboots to sneak in through the ventilation shaft, and the three fought through blarg forces in here. Then, Ratchet used the Starwatch Defense Cannon to destroy the battleships.

In "Ride the rail", the two also used the grindboots to ride the rail transit system, and at the end, found an infobot with a transmission from Grimroth Razz about his brother Felton Razz being in danger on Pokitaru.



Map layout of Fort Krontos.

The Fort Krontos area is built on a region of tall rocky islands and mountains, jutting out from a sea in the midst of a heavy storm. The islands are connected through large bridges, as well as a series of grind rails to the south. A thick thunderstorm covers the area, which itself is rich in vegetation and has a large variety of plant life. The fort itself is built on a large rocky island out in the middle.

Landing area

The landing area.

The landing area and the nearby structures were all built on a set of two different islands, connected by a massive metal platform. The landing pad's platform is also constructed separately, standing alone on a single massive pillar standing in the sea. The main platform is mostly empty, save for several scorch marks, with on the left a parking spot for an autonomously moving platform, and on the right an upwards leading slope. The platform ends a little further ahead, stopping at a stone floor that covers the top of a small island, with two large buildings on both sides. The left building could be entered after hacking an Invinco-Lock, containing a large amount of crates, whereas the right can only be climbed. There was an additional path around the right structure that leads to a separate area thick with plants.

The aforementioned slope was constructed on top of another similarly small island, and is flanked by small accessible buildings on both sides, as well as inaccessible towers on the right. The path stops at the top end, only supporting the starting base of a grind rail.

Rail transit system

The rail transit system area is in fact not one, but several disconnected grind rails, all supported by the same pillar that holds up the landing pad. They are placed amidst several large and small rock islands, a few of which have buildings. The rails, of which there are five sections and two lone rings, do not appear to serve any purpose, and even have a few gaps. The first will immediately loop around and drop anyone on-top unceremoniously back at the start. It does, however, line itself up parallel to the second grind rail for a short moment, allowing anyone to switch rails while grinding. The second rail is the only one that features several large purple rings, which have to be dodged by jumping, and will also go directly through a small tunnel in the center of a tall rock island. After the tunnel, there is an opportunity to jump over to a lone ring surrounding a pillar, after which the second rail will loop back in on itself.

The ring will allow another opportunity to switch rails once again, this time onto the third section. At this point, mines will appear, with the ring leading upwards to the top of a mountain, and then quickly heading downwards in a massive spiral surrounding the rock formation. It eventually loops back in on itself, though after the spiral is another window to jump onto the fourth set of rails. The fourth is largely uneventful, with a short window to access a second ring that does not lead anywhere, until it eventually comes to a dead-end, forcing anyone riding it to switch to the fifth and final rail. Said rail will lead upwards, before diving down and into the nearby mountain island, before leading upwards again and ending abruptly. At this point, anyone grinding will be catapulted onto a lone platform on top of a pillar in the middle of the grind rails area, which is also where the Deserter was hiding. A teleporter can be used to return to the very start of the grind rails area, and vice versa once unlocked.

Jungle area

The bolt crank and bridge area in both games.

The jungle area is set on the largest island group in Fort Krontos, spanning the mountainous terrain between the starting area and the fort itself. The initial entry point leading to this area is a simple bridge connected to a circular platform, though the latter is bombed, leaving only part of the framework to get across. Once past it, the location opens up somewhat, with a short cave in the cliff face to the right, besides which lays a path that leads downwards to a lower level. Said lower level is an oval-shaped basin surrounded by cliffs. At the back end, the path leads back up, and at the other end, a small ledge leads to the bottom end of an unscalable river. Near said ledge is a bolt crank, which expands a bridge directly above it. Said bridge leads to the other side of the basin, with a small building on the opposite side, as well as two paths leading left and right. The latter leads around a mountain, where a gold bolt is located in a dead-end. Whereas the former ends abruptly at the start of the earlier seen river, coming out of a trio of pipes. Said river must be traversed to reach the neat section of this terrain.

The second bridge.

The river will break at a platform, though from there will veer off to the left and end in a shallow pool and waterfall, from where one can move to the aforementioned ledge to dodge the depths below. The platform lays in front of a larger grassy area, with only two bolt cranks placed in the center, required for the massive bridge above them. Said bridge can be reached by climbing a series of steps in the far right corner, after which it can be crossed to another platform that stands in front of the fort. The bridge allowing entry will be closed off at first, though entering is still possible by crossing a ventilation shaft using the magneboots, which can be traversed to reach a hole in the fort's walls.

Fort Krontos and turret

The fort's exterior.

The fort's interior.

Fort Krontos (also referred to as the city) is the main landmark of the Fort Krontos region. It is positioned atop a massive island, with high walls and towers, leaving no room for anything else, though pipes will extend down from the base of the island into the sea. The walls are painted yellow, whereas the towers have a more gray tint. Other elements of the fortress have a purple trim as well as bright blue lines. Two of the towers support a radar dish on top, though the rest all feature apparently inactive turrets. The fort is structurally largely intact, though there is a gap in the wall at the ventilation shaft, a larger hole further down the west end, and the wall between the courtyard and only structure has been entirely blown open. The courtyard is also riddled with blast marks and craters. Opposite the blown-apart wall is a slope that leads to a bolt crank that will extend the bridge to the jungle area, as well as allow access to the top of the walls surrounding the courtyard.

On the other side is the only structure in the fort, which appears to be empty save for another bolt crank. Two cannonball tanks bust through the walls of the building upon approach, revealing all three walls have been entirely broken down by the tanks (the fourth side is supported by the main exterior wall). Notably, the tanks can be damaged to leave only the body, which can be used to reach the exterior walls surrounding the building, which are otherwise inaccessible. Besides the destruction, the globe-shaped room on top, and the towers at the corners, are still standing and in undamaged condition. The bolt crank inside will open a backdoor and extend a bridge that leads to a lone plateau.

The Fort Krontos turret and the Plumber.

Said plateau supports a massive yellow dome-shaped turret, as well as a small metal platform on the end with a stack of crates. The turret was initially broken, but has since been repaired by the Plumber, who was standing nearby. A staircase inside the dome leads to the top, where the turret can be entered through a hatch. The dome then allows the entire gun to rotate, while the barrel itself can only move up and down.

Re-imagined differences

The 2016 re-imagined game is primarily an unreliable retelling of events by Qwark.
The re-imagined game primarily describes Captain Qwark's account of events. As Qwark is an unreliable narrator, and contradictory events are in-universe fiction (though those which correspond still apply). Please see Project:Bulletin board/Canon for the wiki's coverage of canon.

Fort Krontos in the re-imagined release.

In Qwark's version of events, the primary differences are that the entire planet is a frozen planet covered in snow rather than jungle, and the turret in Fort Krontos is the Starwatch Defense Cannon, which must be accessed with a Trespasser to be used. It is not repaired by the Plumber. From where the ship lands, the Swingshot is used to reach the main village in the starting area. It is also required that the player activates the bolt crank in order to extend the bridge, as Cora Veralux also needs to cross it.

Behind the scenes

Batalia was initially designed as forested islands under aerial attack, until it was turned into a more tropic fort.[1] The planet's weather was originally a sunny day, changed to a rainstorm, but the initial color palette chosen for the planet did not change much.[2] Elements of the original Batalia with the clear blue skies are seen in the 'Making Of' video in Goodies menu, with golden grind rails.[3]

In early builds of the game, the planet was named "Alactra", though the name "Fort Krontos" was constant.[4]