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Barlow was a desert planet that was once Gadgetron's major hub located in the Bogon Galaxy. However, Gadgetron left Barlow when Megacorp became way more popular, leaving only a few scientists and storekeepers behind.

At some point, a Nomadic Race arrived and colonized Barlow and began to raid the Gadgetron Facility, calling themselves the Vukovar Tribesmen. They collected some left over heavy duty Gadgetron weapons, and trained the docile Barlowian Saur-Beast into fierce predators.

The Gadgetron facility was also where Gadgetron created the Cute Hound of Cuddly Death, which was basically Gadgetron's answer to what would later be Megacorp's Protopet. Like the Protopet, the Hound was to be the perfect pet for children, but the experiment failed and it instead became a killing beast, roaming freely among the ruins of the former Gadgetron occupation.

The Gadgetron facility still maintained one active vendor, which was overseen by the Matron.

During this period, Barlow had become famous (or infamous) for being home to the Desert Riders.

Planet Barlow

Ratchet on planet Barlow

Characters on Barlow


Vukovar Tribesmen


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  • Planet Barlow is named after Tom Barlow, an Insomniac employee.
  • If you shoot a Visibomb missile to a rotating tower, you will hear a strange noise
  • The background of Barlow shows some mountains that resemble, in a way, the level itself with the water factory. The same background is used on Dantopia and, edited though, on most planets of Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.