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Bakisi Isles is a map in the multiplayer mode in Up Your Arsenal. It is the only map without a clearly known origin. A file containing all of the game's text[citation needed] suggests it takes place on Pokitaru, but the islands feature trees also seen on Florana. The map is designed around three large, slightly hilly, islands, located around a large island in the center. Each of the Siege mode bases are positioned on the, respectively, south-western and south-eastern islands.

Both of the bottom two islands are connected with a rather long and curving bridge to the northern island. Said bridge has a large chamber halfway positioned at the halfway point, with a node on-top, reached by using jump pads on either side. Both of these bridge nodes provide several weapons, but also a hovership. All three of the outer islands have nodes providing turbosliders, Charge Boots, and Morph-o-Rays, with the north-most one also containing a Lava Gun.

The Bakisi Isles map.

All three islands feature bridges leading inwards to the central island, which contains a tall tower, with another node on-top. The bottom end of the inner bridges can be scaled with using Gravity Boots, leading to hidden nanotech crates. The tower is guarded by rangers at ground level, and normal turrets at the top.

Last is the floating platform located between the two bases themselves, which can only be reached through using a Hovership, and is the location of another Hovership node, Charge Boots, a Flux Rifles, and Minirocket Tubes. Its positioning makes it a powerful staging and sniping position against the rival base.

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